Success Stories

At Woodview, we get to see our client’s success stories every day. It’s our privilege to share some of those stories below. 

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It seems like a lifetime ago when we started our program at Woodview. Amanda was non verbal and angry and we were so at a loss for what to do and then we received the call that a spot became available for your IBI program and then our world was about to change.

The team of therapists that worked with Amanda gave her nothing but care, compassion and their hearts. They opened her mind and started her on her road to success. Each therapist brought their own unique approach and always seemed to be able to reach Amanda when she needed it the most. They never tired and always smiled especially when I needed it the most.

She is now going into grade 5 and the happiest girl we have ever seen!

selfie of haley


Before I met Woodview the best words to describe my life was bleak and hopeless. It seemed like an endless cycle of things I couldn’t handle and emotional suffering I couldn’t seem to rid of. It just seemed hopeless and it was difficult to try another solution that may not work.

I achieved a lot of things in all honesty! I tackled a lot of the suicidal thoughts I was having, learned to balance my emotions with my rational side, learned the value in small steps and victories as well as finding the positive in everything around me, I learned how to overcome the things that held me down for so long and to come to peace with my past and a whole lot more.

For my life now, it means I’m over two years clean of self harm and suicidal tendencies, I am better at controlling my emotions and working through them, I am able to find positive and healthy ways of dealing with the things that come my way and I care and value myself more than I ever have.


When Holly first started IBI at Woodview, she didn’t really talk much. She might say single word sentences, or mimic something she heard, but you couldn’t really connect with her or have a proper conversation. This last year has been full of surprises and lots of progress. Although she still struggles in some areas, she’s really improving daily. The wonderful staff at Woodview have really gotten Holly to excel beyond my expectation. She’s having mini conversations now, answering questions without prompting and responding appropriately. I feel so grateful to have had this experience for Holly. it’s exactly what she needed. We’ve made some wonderful connections and will be sad to say goodbye for now, and thank you.

Holly at a playground

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