Youth Justice

What is the Youth Justice Program?

Young people dealing with social, emotional and/or behavioural challenges sometimes come in contact with the law. The Youth Justice program offers counselling and support to those placed on probation.

Support is also provided to families.

The Youth Justice Program carried out by Woodview has three elements:

  • Youth Justice Counselling
  • PROFESOR Assessment
  • Section 34 Psychiatric and Section 34 Psychological Assessments

Is the
Youth Justice Program
right for your child?

The Youth Justice Program is right for your child if your child is on probation and the court has ordered his or her involvement in the Youth Justice Program.

Any youth on probation can access the program with a referral from their Probation Officer, it does not need to be court ordered. Some clients voluntarily attend counselling. 

What is the focus of the Youth Justice Program?

Youth Justice Counselling provides:

  • individual counselling (including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [CBT]);
  • family counselling (including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [CBT]);
  • risk assessments
Section 34 Psychiatric or Psychological Assessment provides:
A court-ordered assessment conducted by a Registered Psychiatrist or Psychologist on behalf of Woodview.

These assessments provide a Judge with an understanding of why the youth’s offenses began and may include suggestions about what can be done to stop them from occurring again.

PROFESOR Assessment

This assessment tool is used for those 12 to 25 years old who have offended sexually. PROFESOR stands for Protective + Risk Observations forEliminating Sexual Offense Recidivism.

It identifies risk factors and protective measures. It can help in creating a treatment plan that will move individuals towards sexual and relationship health and reduce the possibility of re-occurrence.


Where is the Youth Justice Program located?

Youth Justice Program Services can take place in the home. They can also take place in the Woodview offices, a community site, or at the Probation office.


What does the Youth Justice Program cost?

The Youth Justice Program is free.


When does Youth Justice Program take place?

Youth Justice Program Services takes place by appointment.



How do I refer my child for the Youth Justice Program?

Referrals are made to Woodview directly from Youth Justice Services (Brantford) and the Ontario Court of Justice.

Woodview staff will contact you to arrange a time to meet. They will complete the required assessment(s) and co-develop a treatment plan with the client that focuses on the client’s goals.