What Clients Are Saying

Counselling Services

“Friendly, knowledgeable staff, we liked that the whole family was included in this process. Very informative.”-Parent

“The availability of the workers is great. I always felt like I was being heard and I was respected.”-Parent

“What I liked best was learning new strategies to help cope with thoughts of self-harm and suicide. Talking to someone who I could trust and didn’t feel forced to talk about something.”-Youth

“Having support I previously lacked; in that within this program rather than just being validated, I was able to look closer at the issues I was having and learn how to deal with them.”-Youth

Brief Services

“My child felt comfortable with his/her counselor. Conversation/discussion was at a level my child understood.”-Parent

“I liked how the counsellor interacted with my son and got him to open up.”-Parent

“Absolutely amazing program.”-Youth

“The staff was very nice.”-Youth

Day Treatment Services

“They helped my son develop strategies to get past his anxiety. There was a lot of one on one time with my son and always cheering him on with every little step he took to be fully integrated into high school. I would not change a thing.”-Parent

“I liked that my child’s worker was so helpful and willing to help both myself and my daughter.”-Parent

“Everyone is nice, the students, the workers/staff, but I like the program in general.”-Youth

“What I enjoyed the most about the program was the support I got from the staff.”-Youth

Intensive Services

“The dedication of the staff -the consistent amazing workers -the level of compassion and the one thing I would change is creating allowances or exceptions to your rule about being friends with workers outside of service.”-Parent

“Very effective in using/teaching strategies that fit both needs and abilities of child. Staff was great with helping child to manage difficult or emotional moments successfully.”-Parent

“My worker is the best.”-Youth

“They help you out with your anxiety or any problem you may have and inconsistencies.”-Youth


“Very supportive staff, my son and I enjoyed attending a group together.”-Parent

Centre - Based Services (Ages 0 - 12)

“Intensive Behavioural Intervention has helped our daughter tremendously. She is now able to communicate how she is feeling. She truly loves coming to the program. Staff are friendly, kind and open with parents.”-Parent

Autism Social Skills Group

“Wonderful, dedicated staff who enjoy their work and the attention that each individual child receives, liked the small group setting; the information and tools for parents and the reference material to navigate beyond the course. This was such a positive experience for my child; saw a big improvement in his regulation. I loved the terminology.”-Parent

Youth Overcoming Depression and Anxiety (YODA)

“Everything about the program was great. The lessons learned, the kit my son got, the support he received -everything was fantastic. Staff are exemplary and we’re thankful for all their help.” -Parent

“It was truly amazing. My daughter was extremely reluctant to join but understood she needed help, so agreed. And has used skills since. The change in her is quite noticeable in only the few weeks since completion.”-Parent

“I liked how the staff were very nice and I learned numerous strategies to help me cope with my anxiety.” -Youth

“I got to learn new things and learn different strategies like how to calm myself.”-Youth

Halton Adolescent Day Treatment Programs

“The parent group and family sessions dovetailed nicely with the day treatment program. It was very useful in allowing our family to better support our child and also proved of therapeutic benefit to us. The day treatment component was excellent in providing daily support, feedback, and goal-setting for my daughter. She saw the progress, grew in confidence and felt empowered by the program. Expanding the program such that more students that meet the criteria have access is extremely important. Without this program, I feel strongly that my daughter would not have achieved anywhere near her potential and most likely would not have graduated from high school. All students that need this level of support should have access to a program of this quality.”-Parent

“This program has helped so much. I can’t even imagine where we would be without DANO.”-Parent

“The staff were always ready to help me when I was struggling, even when they were busy, and always pushed me to do my best even when it involved doing thing I didn’t like.” -Youth

“I like the staff and how supportive/understanding they are.”-Youth


“That there was support to help my daughter learn life skills and support her when struggling with daily issues/situations.” -Parent

“The staff were so incredibly supportive with our situation. I can’t express how grateful we are for the support, program, motivation and skills. Thank you so much!”-Parent

“I liked that I got daily help and support.”-Youth

Early Identification, Early Intervention, Outreach (EIEIO) and Acton Elementary Day Treatment Programs

“I like how my child was treated with love and respect and how he progresses really well.”-Parent

“The program exceeded our expectations 100%. The care and compassion given by staff will stick with our son and us forever. His confidence is so much stronger; he will participate in groups and is able to apply the skills he has learned. This is an amazing program. Thank you for the service you provide. Our son will be able to succeed at anything he puts his mind to now that he has these skills.”-Parent

“What I liked the best is the constant support of the staff, their willingness to find the best way. Respect, positivism and have engaged my son with the school setting with no struggles anymore. This type of program should be expanded to provide more children with this opportunity. This approach should be taught to teachers and school staff to make our children’s lives much more happier and really inclusive. Thank You!”-Parent

“I liked that they gave my son the skills he needed to be successful. I would not change a thing.”-Parent

School Based Support

“Program was conducted on site at the school to help address issues with peers and in school environment that can’t be worked out at home. Support worker gained trust and affection of my child and provided a safe environment to take risks.” –Parent

“The one on one support from staff for my son and myself. She even accompanied me to his doctor appointment and ROCK for extra help and support.”-Parent“What I liked the most about the program was getting helped with my problems, being understood and solving them myself.”-Youth

“It was just a great experience all around. Also my worker is an awesome human being.”-Youth

Halton Intensive Program (HIP)

“The outreach worker became part of our family. She cared for us as an entire family unit. She used strategies that helped all the members of our family. The strategies she taught our son, she also taught and reinforced with our other 3 children and modeled for us to use with our other children as well. She really truly saved our family. I genuinely can’t say enough praise about her passion and confidence in her role. Also, the support she provided with school issues and support was invaluable. Her confidence in running the meetings (as the moderator) was respected by all the school personnel and her expertise was the catalyst for positive changes in his programming and support at school. She is truly so passionate and a confident expert in what could be an incredibly difficult field. Our worker is honestly the best thing that has happened to our family and we will miss her so incredibly much. She truly saved us and made us all feel special, respected and empowered us. She even went out of her way to attend events that were important to my son, like his school concert. She was always available, no matter what time our mini crisis was occurring, she would make sure to help us through it. She is such an asset to our family and to Woodview.” –Parent

“Without the support, encouragement, expertise, love, unrelenting non-judgemental –I don’t know where my son, my children and my family would be right now! The staff and this program saved us!! Words on this paper don’t express how I really feel –which is eternally grateful. All the staff are amazing!”-Parent

“I liked that I got to meet new friends and learn new skills. That is what I like most about this program and I like that the staff helped me learn new skills.” -Youth

“Erika, Stephanie, Danielle and Ms. Stackhouse are what I like the most.”-Youth

Linking Youth and Families

“I enjoyed learning new tools and skills that were helpful in dealing with my daughter. Learning how to deal with stress with raising a teenage daughter. “ –Parent

“Added some structure to our family life.”-Parent

“I liked having a person that would not judge me on my actions.” – Youth

“I liked the staff as they were nice and professional. The program is a good idea for struggling youth.”-Youth

Day Treatment Programs

“My son’s confidence, social skills, schooling, attitude at home, all major improvements. Wouldn’t change anything except that more families could experience this life changing program.”-Parent

“Woodview is a really great program for kids. I would recommend this program for anyone. The workers are amazing. How the workers care about their students and just want to see them succeed and help the kids.”-Parent

“It helped me with my anger and it’s easier in a small classroom.”-Youth

“The program helps with my anxiety by providing opportunities where I can learn new ways to deal with it.”-Youth


“Pleased with the program and didn’t find anything to change -just wish it was available at an earlier age and for a longer length of time. Flexibility within program allowed for a more tailored approach to the child’s needs. We are all included in the process, so that there is a more co-operative approach between home and school. Good communication is maintained, so staff and parents are on the same page, and any issues that arise can be addressed in a beneficial way. Both we as parents and my child were all treated with dignity and respect. Help was available to answer all our questions and come up with creative strategies for situations as they arose. And expectations are reasonable. The balance of pace adapts to the child, and helps decrease the stress and pressure of transitions for my child and on us as parents. We are very grateful for this valuable program.”-Parent

Young Adult Social Group

“There is regular communication between counsellors and parents.”-Parent

L.I.F.E. Adult Autism Day Program

“The program afforded the opportunity for my adult son to socialize with peers while engaging in both Woodview and community activities. Quite an important part of his week he looks forward to.”-Parent

“The constant encouragement to both our child and to us.”-Parent

Social and Recreational Programs

“Staff are very supportive, always there when you need them, always trips.”-Adult Client

“I like having support to maintain my independence.” – Adult Client

Manor Residential Program

“Woodview has taught our son social and independent living skills beyond what we had expected. Our son has become the essence of goodness, and is able to fit into almost all social situations.”-Parent

“They are LGBTQ friendly and let me be the real me, plus they listen and are there for me in times of need.”-Adult Client