Autism Webinars

We’re pleased to offer free virtual autism workshops for families registered in the Ontario Autism Program. Our autism workshops are easy to access! Simply choose the webinar you’re interested in, go to ‘checkout’ and complete the registration form (remember to have your OAP number handy!).  You’ll receive a webinar confirmation email: click the link in this email to confirm your email address and your webinar membership will be fully activated!  You will have two weeks to view the webinar.

Navigating School

This workshop will provide information about the Ontario Education Act , Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) meetings, Individual Education Plans (IEPs), and the roles of school team members. As well, strategies for goal setting, positive advocacy, and effective communication between home and school will be discussed.

Daily Routines

This workshop will review the importance of teaching daily routines. Strategies for developing routines, identifying where to start teaching and how to increase participation in daily routines will also be discussed.

Emotional Regulation

This workshop will review the definition if emotional regulation from a behavioural perspective, general guidelines for increasing communication about emotions, and how to teach positive regulation strategies. The importance of teaching emotional regulation will also be discussed.

Picky Eating

This workshop will provide information about picky eating and some of the underlying causes of this selectivity. There will also be a discussion about strategies for introducing new foods and ways to manage refusal behaviours.

Teenage Years

This workshop will discuss what to consider when setting goals for your teen or pre-teen child as well as review relevant skill domains and strategies for teaching important independence skills. Resources for transitions and continued support will also be provided.

Toilet Training

This workshop will review how to tell if your child is ready for toilet training, setting your child up for success, and different strategies for toilet training. Strategies for how to respond to accidents, encouraging initiations, and problem solving common issues will also be discussed.

We recommend viewing the ABC’s webinars in the following order:
Behaviour Basics: The “B” in ABC
The “A” in ABC: Antecedents and Prevention
The “C” in ABC: Consequences

Behaviour Basics

Start here for the ABC webinars!  We recommend viewing them in the following order: B, A & C.  All behaviour happens for a reason! This session will provide an overview of both appropriate and challenging behaviours.

Antecedents and Prevention

This session provides information on antecedents: all of the triggers or events that come before the behaviour. Antecedents are cues for behaviour; just like a red light cues us to stop driving. In this presentation, we look at discovering different types of antecedents, different strategies to use, and how to figure out if the strategies are working.


This session provides information on a key principle of Applied Behaviour Analysis: the consequence. Participants will discover how the consequence (what happens directly after the behaviour) can change future behaviour. Everyone will leave with new information in regards to different types of consequences, how to choose reinforcers, and strategies to use consequences effectively.

Introduction to ASD

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? This session provides the basics in this overview of ASD.

Preparing for Summer Camp

This session explores summer camp options that support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Learn more about the importance of summer camp, and the different summer camps that are available to your family.