Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

We recommend viewing the ABC’s webinars in the following order:


Behaviour Basics: The “B” in ABC

All behaviour happens for a reason! This session will provide an overview of both appropriate and challenging behaviours: how to identify them and how to intervene. Participants will leave this session with new skills in how to identify behaviour; use “ABCs” to detect the reason (function) for the behaviour; and learn about general teaching strategies.

Pre-Requisite: None

The “A” in ABC: Antecedents and Prevention

This session provides information on antecedents: all of the triggers or events that come before the behaviour. Antecedents are cues for behaviour; just like a red light cues us to stop driving. In this presentation, we look at discovering different types of antecedents, different strategies to use, and how to figure out if the strategies are working.

Pre-Requisite: Behaviour Basics: The “B” in ABC

The “C” in ABC: Consequences

This session provides information on a key principle of Applied Behaviour Analysis: the consequence. Participants will discover how the consequence (what happens directly after the behaviour) can change future behaviour. Everyone will leave with new information in regards to different types of consequences, how to choose reinforcers, and strategies to use consequences effectively.

Pre-Requisite: Behaviour Basics: The “B” in ABC

How To Keep On Track For Summer (School Readiness)

Learn how to keep your child with autism on track this summer with visual schedules, chore charts, structure your day, and access to community resources.