Halton Counselling & Outreach

We have a new name!

To reflect the changes in the School Based Support Team (SBST) Program, we have updated our program with a new name. We are now known as Woodview Halton Counselling and Outreach (WHCO).

What is Halton Counselling and Outreach?

The Woodview Halton Counselling and Outreach Program provides support to children and youth 5-17 years of age who are struggling with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, self injury, school refusal, and emotion regulation.  

Diagnosis is not required. The program is open to all students in Halton Region.

What is the focus of the Halton Counselling and Outreach Program?

The focus of the WHCO Program is to help:

  • Students who find mental health issues impact their academic achievement
  • Students who have difficulty functioning in relationships due to effects of mental health symptoms
  • Caregivers who would like to learn and practice behaviour management strategies.
How does the program work?

We collaboratively establish goals with the child/youth and provide up to 10 treatment sessions to work on those goal(s). Counsellors will draw on strategies from programs such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Zones of Regulation, ALERT, Go Zen, Super Flex and Mind Up.

Our team is able to assist with a variety of mental health concerns for children and youth 5-17 years of age. We offer up to 12 individual counselling sessions, including an assessment. We can assist with emotion regulation, anxiety, depression, and parent coaching for managing challenging behaviours.


Where is the WHCO Program located?

While outreach counselling (going into homes) is suspended at this time as per Public Health guidelines, we are able to offer in-office counselling (with COVID-19 safety protocols) at:

Burlington: 3385 Harvester Rd. (Unit 102); or
Georgetown: 59 Rexway Dr. (Harrison Public School)

Virtually: via confidential and secure video conferencing


When does this program take place?

Support is available to students and families throughout the school year.


What does the program cost?

No cost.


How do I refer my child / student?

Community agencies, please use the Access and System Navigation (ASN) portal on the ROCK (Reach Out Centre for Kids) website: rockonline.ca/asn-for-service-providers

For access to all ROCK services please call our Access Line @ 289-266-0036. This line is live answered Mon-Fri between 9 am – 5 pm. Our Virtual Walk-in Clinic is open and accessible Mon-Wed 9 am – 3 pm by calling our Access Line. In-person appointments will become available through the Access line. If you are in crisis, contact our 24/7 ROCK Crisis Line at 905-878-9785.

After a referral is made program staff will contact you to arrange a time to meet. The purpose of the meeting is to determine if and how the program can help you and your child.

Program was conducted on site at the school to help address issues with peers and in school environment that can’t be worked out at home. Support worker gained trust and affection of my child and provided a safe environment to take risks.


The one on one support from the outreach worker for my son and myself.   She even accompanied me to his doctor appointment and ROCK for extra help and support.


What I liked the most about the program was getting helped with my problems, being understood and solving them myself.


It was just a great experience all around. Also my outreach worker is an awesome human being.