PEERS® Social Skills Group for Teens

What is the PEERS® Social Skills Group for Teens program?

PEERS® stands for Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS®). It is a proven method to teach adults ways to make and keep friends. 

PEERS® is a 14-week evidence-based social skills intervention for motivated youth in middle and high school (12-18 years of age) who are interested in learning ways to help them make and keep friends.

Family members are an important part of this program. When youth attend classes, a parent or worker also attend classes. The PEERS curriculum for caregivers is taught in these classes.  Family Member / Worker participation is required.

Is the
PEERS® Social Skills Group for Teens right for you?

  • high-functioning ASD;
  • are 12-18 year of age;
  • would like to socialize with others; and
  • can behave appropriately in a group setting
What is the focus of the PEERS® Social Skills Group for Teens program?

The focus of the PEERS® Social Skills Group program is to teach skills that will help young people make and maintain friendships.

In this program young adults are taught how to:

  • use correct conversational skills;
  • find common interests by trading information;
  • appropriately use humour;
  • enter and exit conversations between peers;
  • handle rejection, teasing, and bullying;
  • handle rumours and gossip;
  • be a good host during get-togethers;
  • make phone calls to friends;
  • be a good sport;
  • handle arguments and disagreements; and
  • change a bad reputation.


Where is the PEERS® Social Skills Group program located?

Group sessions are delivered virtually via confidential and secure video conferencing (Zoom).


When does the PEERS® program take place?

The PEERS® Social Skills Group program runs for 14 weeks.

Final dates and times will be provided when referring.


What does the PEERS® program cost?


PassportONE funding may be used towards this program.


How do I register for the PEERS® Social Skills Group?

To learn more about the PEERS® program and to let us know of your interest, please email: or call (905) 527-9771 ext 182

What happens next?

After a referral is made, Woodview staff will contact the family and set up a meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss if the PEERS® program is right for the youth and their family. If this program meets the needs of you and your child, the next step is to pay for the program. You will then get a package of information about the program. The program start date will be included in this information.