Early Years

What is the Early Years Program?

The Early Years Program is a home, school and community based program that promotes healthy social and emotional development of children from birth to 6 years of age and their families. Services are customized to meet the individual needs of each child and family, matching the level of need with appropriate intensity of service. Hours of service are flexible and include both evenings and weekends.

The Early Years Program also provides consultation, support and training services to community programs who are involved with children from birth to six years of age.

Is the program right for your child?

This program may be helpful for you and your child (up to the age of 6) if your child has been identified as having mental health needs that require intensive intervention to maintain their functioning at home, school, and/or in the community.  Your family can benefit from parenting support and a non-traditional counselling approach.  The child:

  • is experiencing concerns in more than one area such as home, school, or community;
  • experiencing parent/child conflict such as separation, divorce or other parenting concerns; and
  • cannot leave the home – even going outside may be impossible.


What is the focus of Early Years?

The goal of Intensive Services is to:

  • Enhance social and emotional wellness;
  • Promote awareness and understanding of social and behavioural difficulties; and
  • Build family’s network of support

Early Years services include:

  • Assessment and treatment utilizing a brief treatment model
  • Parent training and guidance
  • Consultation with parents and community programs
  • Daycare consultation
  • Assistance in the development of effective behaviour management interventions
  • Presentations, groups and education workshops for professionals
  • Service coordination
  • Building community partnership


Where are Early Years services located?

All services will be provided in a comfortable, non-threatening environment such as your home and/or in the community.


When do Early Years services take place?

The hours of service are flexible and include both evenings and weekends.


What does the program cost?

There is no cost to the Early Years Program.


How do I refer my child for the Early Years Program?

A parent or caregiver can make a referral. Referrals can be made through Contact Brant:
Phone: (519)758-8228
Web: https://contact-brant.ontarionow.ca/external-referral/

Community daycare providers can contact the Early Years Program Manager
Phone: (519)752-5308 ext. 113

A Woodview staff will contact you in order to discuss the program and arrange a start date.