What is TAPP-C?

TAPP-C stands for The Arson Prevention Program for Children. Woodview offers this program in partnership with the Brantford and Brant County Fire Departments.

Fire department staff offer fire education and an in-home fire safety check. Woodview staff conduct a clinical risk assessment and offers the family strategies to deal with a child or youth’s fire setting behaviour.

Is the TAPP-C program right for your child?

Has a child or youth in your care engaged in arson? That is, have they set fires on purpose in order to damage or destroy property?

If so, this program may be helpful for you and the child or youth in your care.

What is the focus of the TAPP-C program?

The overall goal of  TAPP-C is to reduce the risk of fires set by children and youth in the community.

TAPP-C focuses on determining why the child or youth has been involved with fire and whether they are likely to continue being involved with fire.

Based on this, strategies designed to prevent future fire setting behaviour are provided to parents caregivers. Also, when appropriate, caregivers are given links to community resources and services that can assist in preventing future fire setting.


Where is the TAPP-C program located?

The fire education and in-home fire safety check are done in your home by the fire department.

Woodview staff complete a risk assessment and design a plan of services and supports for your child. This can be done in your home or at either Brantford location.


When does this program take place?

The TAPP-C program services are by appointment.


What does the program cost?

There is no cost to this program.


How do I refer my child for the TAPP-C program?

Parents or caregivers can refer a child or youth to the TAPP-C program by contacting the BrantfordFire Department at (519) 752-0540.

After a referral is made, a Woodview staff will contact you to arrange a suitable time to meet.