Halton Intensive Program (HIP)

What is the Halton Intensive Program Day Treatment?

The Halton Intensive Program (HIP) Day Treatment Program is for children and youth dealing with social, emotional, and/or behavioural challenges. These challenges cause them to have difficulty in a typical school setting.

The child or youth may also be experiencing difficulties at home and/or in the community.

The Halton Intensive Program (Day Treatment) is run in partnership with the Halton Catholic District School Board and Halton District School Board, and works with other Halton School Boards. It takes place in a school classroom. The teacher is an employee of the school board and offers academic programming. The main focus of the program is treatment.

Services are provided mainly to children 9-11 years of age.

Is the Halton Intensive Program (Day Treatment) right for your child?

If your child or youth exhibits any of the following, the Halton Intensive Program (Day Treatment) may be of help to you and your child.

  • Is your child experiencing social and emotional challenges in a regular school setting?
  • Has your child seemed anxious or fearful under normal circumstances?
  • Have mental health issues interfered with academic performance?
  • Does your child have challenges functioning in the home and/or community
  • Does your child have problems with relationships, including those with teachers and peers?
  • Does your child seem very unhappy?
  • Does your child have low self-esteem?
  • Does your child have difficulty handling change?
  • Does your child have outbursts, and is lashing out verbally or physically shown in school or at home?
  • Does your child frequently use school avoidance behaviours?
  • Are behavioural difficulties causing problems in the classroom for the child?
  • Has the child or youth been suspended from school?
  • Are you being pressured by school staff to find help for the child?
  • Has your child experienced trauma?
  • Has the child witnessed family violence?
What is the focus of the Halton Intensive Program (Day Treatment)?

The Halton Intensive Program (Day Treatment) offers learning experiences and treatment designed to support children and their families.

The focus is to reduce a child’s mental health symptoms in order to improve their day-to day functioning.

The goal is to return the child to their home school or an alternate school if that is a better choice for the child.

Program services are provided to both the child and family and may include:

  • building social skills;
  • peer relationship development;
  • learning how to work with others;
  • how to handle emotions appropriately;
  • building skills to handle anxiety;
  • individual counselling to meet individual needs;
  • working with home schools to ease the child’s return;
  • parenting strategies and support;
  • recreational activities; and
  • healthy eating and nutrition education.


Where is the Halton Intensive Program (Day Treatment) located?

The program is located at:

Holy Family Catholic Elementary School,
1420 Grosvenor Street,
Oakville, ON L6H 2X8



When does Halton Intensive Program (Day Treatment) take place?

The Halton Intensive Day Treatment Program operates throughout the academic school year (September through June).

The children and youth start the program in September and begin to integrate to their next school placement in April or May.


What does the Halton Intensive Program
(Day Treatment) cost?

There is no cost for this program.



How do I refer my child for the Halton Intensive Day Treatment Program?

For access to all ROCK services please call our Access Line @ 289-266-0036. This line is live answered Mon-Fri between 9 am – 5 pm. Our Virtual Walk-in Clinic is open and accessible Mon-Wed 9 am – 3 pm by calling our Access Line. In-person appointments will become available through the Access line. If you are in crisis, contact our 24/7 ROCK Crisis Line at 905-878-9785.

After a referral is made. The Halton Intensive Services Day Treatment Program Manager will contact the school to arrange a time to meet (with the school, parent/guardian, and community partners). The purpose of the meeting is to determine if and how the program can help you and your child.

What is the Halton Intensive In-Home Program (HIP)?

The Halton Intensive In-Home Program is an intensive home-based treatment program. It provides support to families considering a residential placement for their child.

Is the Halton Intensive In-Home Program right for your child?

The Halton Intensive In-Home Program is right for your child if he/she:

  • is 6-11 years old (in some cases children outside this age range may be eligible);
  • and their family have exhausted most community supports before being referred to this program;
  • is dealing with mental health issues (some children may also have complex needs such as a developmental disability, a mild range of cognitive impairment, high functioning autism)
  • and their family can commit to 3-4 appointments per week, totalling 5–10 hours.
What is the focus of the Halton Intensive In-Home Program?

The goal of this program is to keep the child in the family home and avoid a residential placement. This is done by providing intensive services and support to the child and their family.

The services are strength based, community based and culturally inclusive. Services include:

  • a family centred approach-joint problem solving and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (therapy designed to address extreme or unstable emotions and harmful behaviours);
  • parent coaching-families learn new skills and techniques to improve communication and problem solving within the family;
  • respite referral, if needed;
  • wraparound for service coordination and collaboration;
  • in-home support/liaison with community supports; and
  • access to Day Treatment, if appropriate.


Where is the Halton Intensive In-Home Program located?

Intensive in-home services are provided in the family home and in various community sites


When does this program take place?

This program is designed to provide up to 6 months of intensive service. Up to 6 months of follow up support is also provided.


What does the program cost?

There is no cost for the Halton Intensive In-Home Program.


How do I refer my child for the day treatment program?

For Referral to the program please contact:
Access and System Navigation at ROCK (Reach Out Centre for Kids)

Phone: 1-289-266-0036
Fax: 1-905-681-7477 *Mark Attention Access & System Navigation*

Once a referral is made, the family, all services working with them and the Woodview team will meet. The Woodview team will work together with all the services to develop a system of in-home care and support. This system will be customized to meet each family’s needs and strengths.

The outreach worker became part of our family. She cared for us as an entire family unit. She used strategies that helped all the members of our family. The strategies she taught our son, she also taught and reinforced with our other 3 children and modeled for us to use with our other children as well. She really truly saved our family. I genuinely can’t say enough praise about her passion and confidence in her role. Also, the support she provided with school issues and support was invaluable. Her confidence in running the meetings (as the moderator) was respected by all the school personnel and her expertise was the catalyst for positive changes in his programming and support at school. She is truly so passionate and a confident expert in what could be an incredibly difficult field. Our worker is honestly the best thing that has happened to our family and we will miss her so incredibly much. She truly saved us and made us all feel special, respected and empowered us. She even went out of her way to attend events that were important to my son, like his school concert. She was always available, no matter what time our mini crisis was occurring, she would make sure to help us through it. She is such an asset to our family and to Woodview.


Without the support, encouragement, expertise, love, unrelenting non-judgemental — I don’t know where my son, my children and my family would be right now! The staff and this program saved us!! Words on this paper don’t express how I really feel — which is eternally grateful. All the staff were amazing!


I liked that I got to meet new friends and learn new skills. That is what I like most about this program and I like that the staff helped me learn new skills.


The staff are what I like the most.


93% of youth responded that they felt respected at Woodview.

Client Satisfaction Survey Results 2018