What are Wraparound Services?

Wraparound Services are a specialized service available to support children and youth and their families with complex needs. Complex needs are defined as having concerns in more than one area (e.g. mental health and developmental services) and to avoid family breakdown.

These children, youth and families have exhausted all other community resources and require specialized services/supports to participate in activities of daily living, on a long-term, continuous and/or intermittent basis.

The Wraparound Service model includes partnerships, coordination of services, family support, individualized support, flexibility and ensuring services are family centred.

Is the program right
for your family?

This program may be helpful for you and your child (7 -18 years of age) if your child has been identified with having complex needs that require a Wraparound Facilitator to support the child and family with intensive intervention to maintain functioning in the home, school and/or the community. If any of the following apply to your child/youth;

  • has at least two different special needs. Is receiving service from different sectors (e.g.developmental services, mental health) and in need of an integrated service approach.
  • is at risk of being placed in a residential treatment setting
  • is in need of specialized services and/or supports to participate in day-to-day activities; 
  • requires a team approach to support the family’s goals; and
  • would benefit from meeting with the family’s preferred team on a regular basis
What is the focus of the Wraparound Program?

In the Wraparound Program, the goal is to:

  • reduce the severity of mental health problems;
  • strengthen coping strategies;
  • increase awareness and understanding of the problem; and
  • improve functioning.

In order to reach these goals a Wraparound Facilitator works with the family. The facilitator identifies the family’s strengths and needs. The facilitator then develops a personalized plan to address those needs. This plan includes partnerships with other organizations, service coordination, family support, and individualized supports.

That plan will include the following services.

  • In-home counselling, school support and/or community support (e.g., recreational activities).
  • Individual and/or family therapy (for entire family as identified by parents).
  • Behaviour management programming and parenting strategies.
  • Service  co-ordination by your Wraparound Facilitator.
  • A family meeting with your Facilitator on a regular basis to discuss progress and update treatment plan if needed.
  • Monthly meetings with family, informal supports, school and community partners to review the treatment plan. Revisions to the plan will be made as necessary.
  • Respite services providing time limited relief for the family.

Families already using community supports continue to do so while accessing Wraparound.


Where are the Wraparound services located?

As a number of service providers are involved, service locations will vary. In-home counselling will take place in your home. Monthly and bi-monthly meetings will occur in an office environment. Your wrap around facilitator will ensure you are kept up to date about meeting times and locations.


When does this program take place?

Your personalized treatment plan will include a number of different sessions and meetings. These will take place in various locations and at various times. Your wraparound facilitator will keep you up to date about meeting times and locations.


What does this program cost?

There is no cost to the Wraparound complex needs program.


How do I refer my child for the Wraparound Program?

A case conference must happen to ensure we have tried everything before referring to the Wraparound Program. Once determined eligible, you will work with Contact Brant to complete the referral process.

After a referral is made, you will meet with your Wraparound Facilitator. Together, you will develop a personalized treatment plan.