Hamilton Day Treatment Programs

What are Day Treatment Programs?

Woodview’s Day Treatment programs are comprehensive therapeutic school-based programs operated in partnership with the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board.

The teacher is an employee of the school board and offers academic programming. Woodview offers treatment alongside the academics.

Is a Day Treatment Program
right for your child?

Day Treatment Program are right for your child if he/she:
  • is a grade 7 to 10 student;
  • is experiencing significant social, emotional and/or behavioural problems;
  • having difficulty managing in a regular school setting.
There are three Day Treatment Programs in Hamilton:
  • Churchill (formerly Delta) Transitions supports youth in grades 7 and 8;
  • Churchill (formerly Delta) Day Treatment supports youth in grades 9 and 10; and
  • Hill Park (formerly Mountain) Day Treatment supports youth from grades 8 to 10
What is the focus of Day Treatment Programs?

The goal of day treatment is to reintegrate the youth successfully into their home school or an alternate school as appropriate.

To do this, we help youth improve their:

  • their social skills;
  • peer relationships;
  • academic performance by providing educational experiences based on their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP);

In order to reach the goal of having the youth return to their home school, Day Treatment Programs also offer:

  • individual and family counselling;
  • parenting strategies and support; and
  • recreational activities.


Where are the day treatment programs located?

Churchill (formerly Delta) Day Treatment is located at:

Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School
1715 Main St. East,
Hamilton, ON L8H 1E3
Phone/Fax: (905) 545-7311
Email: hamiltonintake@woodview.ca 

Hill Park (formerly Mountain) Day Treatment is located at:

Hill Park Learning Centre
465 East 16th Street,
Hamilton, ON L9A 4K6
Phone: (905) 387-4099
Fax: (905) 388-0510
Email: hamiltonintake@woodview.ca


When do Day Treatment Programs take place?

Day treatment programs operate throughout the school year (September through June).



How do I refer my child for a Day Treatment Program?

To make a referral please call Contact Hamilton at 905-570-8888.
To contact the Churchill (formerly Delta) and Hill Park (formerly Mountain) program directly:
E-mail hamiltonintake@woodview.ca or call 905-527-9771 x 182.

Hamilton Day Treatment Program Profile

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the program, read their program profile

Churchill – My son’s confidence, social skills, schooling, attitude at home, all major improvements. Wouldn’t change anything except that more families could experience this life changing program.


Churchill – Woodview is a really great program for kids. I would recommend this program for anyone.  The workers are amazing. How the workers care about their students and just want to see them succeed and help the kids.”


Churchill – It helped me with my anger and it’s easier in a small classroom.


Churchill – The program helps with my anxiety by providing opportunities where I can learn new ways to deal with it.


95% of parents responded that they were satisfied with Woodview’s services.

Client Satisfaction Survey Results, 2018

Mountain – Pleased with the program and didn’t find anything to change – just wish it was available at an earlier age and for a longer length of time. Flexibility within program allowed for a more tailored approach to the child’s needs. We are all included in the process, so that there is a more co-operative approach between home and school. Good communication is maintained, so staff and parents are on the same page, and any issues that arise can be addressed in a beneficial way. Both we as parents and my child were all treated with dignity and respect. Help was available to answer all our questions and come up with creative strategies for situations as they arose. And expectations are reasonable. The balance of pace adapts to the child, and helps decrease the stress and pressure of transitions for my child and on us as parents. We are very grateful for this valuable program.


93% of youth responded that they felt respected at Woodview.

Client Satisfaction Survey Results, 2018