Intensive Services

What is the Intensive Services Program?

Intensive Service programs provide services to children, youth and their families, when and where they need them (e.g., home, community, school, or core service provider setting). Services are developed in partnership with the family to make sure they receive what they need and when.

Hours of service are flexible and include both evenings and weekends.

Is the program right for your child?

This program may be helpful for you and your child if your child (aged 7-18) has been identified with having mental health needs that require intensive intervention to maintain their functioning at home, school, and/or in the community. The child/youth:

  • is experiencing concerns in more than one area such as home, school or community;
  • experiencing parent/child conflict such as separation, divorce or other parenting concerns;
  • cannot leave the home-even going outside may be impossible;
  • would benefit from reducing the severity of mental health concerns with non-traditional counselling; and
  • would benefit from strengthening coping skills and resiliency strategies.
What is the focus of Intensive Services?

The goal of Intensive Services is to:

  • reduce the severity of mental health problems;
  • strengthen coping strategies;
  • increase awareness and understanding of the problem; and
  • improve functioning.

Intensive Services include:

  • counselling in a comfortable environment;
  • parenting strategies designed to promote positive family functioning;
  • individual and/or family therapy (for entire family as identified by parents);
  • hours of support are determined upon assessment at time of entry (times may vary);
  • service collaboration and case management;
  • strong emphasis on community partnership working together; and
  • linking families to community resources/support.


Where are Intensive Services located?

All services will be provided in a comfortable, non-threatening environment such as your home and/or in the community.


When do Intensive Services take place?

The hours of service are flexible and include both evenings and weekends.


What does the program cost?

There is no cost to the Intensive Services program.


How do I refer my child for the Intensive Services Program?

A parent or caregiver can make a referral. Referrals can be made through Contact Brant:
Phone: (519)758-8228

A Woodview staff will contact you in order to discuss the program and arrange a start date.

The dedication of the staff – the consistent amazing workers – the level of compassion and the one thing I would change is creating allowances or exceptions to your rule about being friends with workers outside of service.


Very effective in using and teaching strategies that fit both the needs and abilities of my child.  


My worker is the best.


They help you out with your anxiety or any problem you may have and inconsistencies.


84% of youth responded that they would recommend Woodview services.

Client Satisfaction Survey Results, 2018