What is the SNAP® Program?

SNAP® stands for “Stop Now and Plan.” It is a proven method of assisting children struggling with behavioural issues and their parents. SNAP® provides a framework for teaching emotional regulation, self-control, problem-solving skills and how to “keep problems small”. The SNAP® program is in partnership with Six Nations Child and Family Services.

The SNAP® program is delivered in partnership with Six Nations Child and Family Services.


As part of the Enhanced Ontario Youth Action Plan, the community came together and it was determined that Woodview and Six Nations Child & Family Services would jointly submit an application with Six Nations Child & Family Services acting as the lead. The SNAP® Program began servicing clients as of April 2016 with SNAP® group delivery jointly provided by both staff of Woodview and Six Nations Child & Family Services to families in each service area.

Is the SNAP® program right for your child?

Are you concerned about your child’s behaviour?

Is your child 6–11 years old (up to their 12th birthday)?

Is your child aggressive much of the time?

Does your child engage in anti-social behaviour?

Is your child disruptive most of the time?

Has your child come in contact with authority figures at school or in the community more than once?

Did you answer ”yes” to two or more of the questions above? If you did, the SNAP® program may be helpful for you and your child.

What is the focus of the SNAP® program?

SNAP® teaches children how to modify their negative behaviours.  It teaches them to make better behaviour choices ‘in the moment’.  They learn to stop, think, and plan.

The methods are taught in weekly group sessions over 12 weeks.  Groups are gender specific. The child, sibling(s) and parent(s) must attend each session.

SNAP® also offers individual and family counselling including weekly phone check-ins. After group sessions end, follow-up sessions are available. School support and advocacy are also part of the SNAP® program.


Where are the SNAP® services located?

Group sessions, and individual and family counselling sessions are offered at Woodview in the Square, 120 Colborne Street, unit #106-107, in Harmony Square, located in downtown Brantford.


When does this program take place?

SNAP® group sessions run for 12 weeks and take place several times a year. Individual and family counselling sessions are held by appointment.


What does the program cost?

There is no cost for the SNAP® program.


How do I register my child for the day treatment program?

A parent or caregiver can make a referral through Contact Brant:
Phone: (519)758-8228

A Woodview staff will contact you in order to discuss the program and arrange a start date.

SNAP® Program Profile

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Learn more, visit our Stop Now and Plan website.
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Very supportive staff, my son and I enjoyed attending a group together.