Staff Testimonials

Amanda – Program Manager

portrait of Amanda

I did my placement at Woodview, then became a relief worker, then full-time staff, and then a manager. This is actually pretty common at Woodview. This agency is committed to building on staff expertise, which is why we have so many long standing staff.

Shabnaaz – Outreach Worker

portrait of Shabnaaz

I still pinch myself every so often – my new position at Woodview has been a dream come true. It’s been a goal of mine to work for a workplace that shares the same ethics, values and compassion for the work that we do in this field. Woodview is rewarding and a blessing for me!

Leo – Child & Youth Worker

portrait of Leo

Woodview is a place of work that builds leaders, puts clients and families first. This is evident when someone walks into the office or meets a Woodview worker in the community. Their love and passion shines through, regardless of their titles or positions. Woodview treats everybody as a family member.

We embrace diversity and inclusion.

We have high standards.

We love families.

Wendy – Program Manager

portrait of Wendy

What is so wonderful about Woodview that I would still be here 20 years after doing my Social Work placement? It is the ability to come to work knowing that each person here works from a place of integrity. It is being part of an organization that follows through on their commitments. It is being in a career where we all enjoy learning more, doing better, and celebrating our work.

John – Child & Youth Worker

portrait of John

I feel that Woodview is like a family. They treat their clients with dignity, respect and compassion – and you’ll find that it is the same towards the way they treat their staff. My experience is that Woodview is always supportive, especially when staff face a personally difficult time.

Lorraine – Director

portrait of Lorraine

My career at Woodview began over 20 years ago – and it started with a contract position as a social worker in a day treatment program! Now, I am one of the Directors. At Woodview there are many opportunities to learn and grow, and to take on new challenges. Woodview’s commitment to the people we work with is second to none. Join us!

We love what we do, and it shows.

We are committed to our staff.

We nurture leaders.