Welcome to Woodview!

Welcome to Woodview!  If you have landed on this page you have likely been searching for some support for a family member, a friend, a patient, or a student. Someone may have mentioned our name or you might have been searching the web. No matter how you found us, we are glad you did. Take some time to learn about what we offer and how we might be able to help.

What we do...

  • Woodview offers services and support for children and youth facing mental health challenges and for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • We work in partnership with families who play an important role in our services
  • We work with schools and social service agencies to support children and youth and their families

How we do it...

  • Social workers, child and youth workers, autism specialists, and consulting professionals work together to provide individualized client-centered services
  • By offering a continuum of flexible services, Woodview can respond fully to the needs of individuals and their families
  • Tracking performance and measuring results ensures programming and services are as effective as possible

Why we do it...

  • Woodview’s roots date back to 1853 when the Sisters of St. Joseph recognized and fulfilled a need for homes in which to care for, clothe, feed and support orphans. Woodview has continued in the same vein by recognizing needs in the communities we serve and responding to them by providing best in practice supports and services.
  • Over 160 years ago the Sisters of St. Joseph were committed to providing the best level of care possible in their orphanages and they delivered that care with compassion and respect. Today, Woodview continues that commitment by providing individualized, client-centered services based on our values. View our values.

Woodview has been inspiring hope and strengthening lives for over 60 years.

Watch our 60th Anniversary Celebration Video.

Watch our brief History Video!

Our Mission is to provide high quality mental health and autism services and supports to individuals and families within an inclusive environment that inspires hope and strengthens lives. 
Our Vision is to be a leading provider of mental health and autism services in Ontario, ensuring everyone has a voice, feels valued, and has a sense of belonging.

We act with integrity and take responsibility for our words, actions, and results.


We work closely with each other, our community partners, and our clients and families to achieve more, together.


We inspire hope and optimism by serving others with empathy, kindness, and care.


We are open-minded, embrace diversity and treat everyone fairly with dignity and respect.


We are forward-thinking, seek out new opportunities, and encourage creativity and growth.

Services Principles

We recognize and respect the cultural, language and religious beliefs of every person who is engaged in our services

We are committed to human rights including the safety, security, health and well being of all individuals and families

We are committed to providing strategies and supports that are specific to the needs of individuals and families

We believe that every individual and family has the right to feel valued and accepted and to be treated with respect and dignity

We believe that individuals and families need to be engaged in decisions regarding their own treatment and supports based upon individual needs and goals

We believe that all individuals are capable of growth and change

We believe that individuals and families have the right to:

The opportunity to provide feedback on the services received

Information regarding service effectiveness

The opportunity to provide input into the design and delivery of services and supports

We are committed to providing services that are:

Accessible, flexible and responsive to changing needs, perspectives and practices

Designed within the context of an individual’s family and larger community

Based upon best practices, professional ethics and standards, and ongoing quality improvement