Centre-Based Services

Customized ABA Therapy for children with autism 18 years and under.

Are Centre-Based services right for your child?

Centre-Based Autism Services at Woodview can help if your child is 0-18 years old and would benefit from learning or improving their skills in:

  • following instructions
  • following routines (e.g., routines in the classroom or at home)
  • adding to their vocabulary
  • expressing their wants and needs
  • playing alone or with others
  • building independent life skills

Each child is supervised by a Clinical Supervisor who customizes programming based on the unique strengths and needs of your child.

Book a One Time Intake & Assessment

The One Time Intake and Assessment fee is $500 and includes a virtual intake with a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and Intake Coordinator, completing all contract and consents, initial assessments with first behaviour plan writing and review.

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Contact Jessica Gallino, Intake Coordinator

(905) 689-4727 ext. 115  haltonautismservices@woodview.ca

Sessions run for a 12-week block of time with 4 session blocks:

October to December; January to March; April to June; and July to September.  Half-days are offered from 9am – 1pm OR 12pm – 4pm and full days from 9am – 4pm.

All blocks include an initial assessment and follow-up check-ins.

Centre-based services are available for children with or without an autism diagnosis.

Intensive Behavioural Intervention has helped our daughter tremendously. She is now able to communicate how she is feeling. She truly loves coming to the program. Staff are friendly, kind and open with parents.

Woodview Parent

99% of parents responded that they felt respected by Woodview.

Client Satisfaction Survey 2018

About the Pathways House

Nestled in a woodland setting, The Pathways House has a fenced-in playground for recess, group activities, and teaching a variety of gross motor and play skills. The green space offers a calming backdrop for outdoor activities and plenty of fresh air.

The home-like setting of the Pathways House features familiar amenities such as a fully equipped eat-in kitchen, laundry room, three bathrooms, plus large and small group rooms and individual treatment rooms. This natural teaching environment helps children transfer skills learned at the centre to their home.

Meeting spaces in the house include a library with a toy resource wall and an office with a two-way mirror for parent, school, and/or staff observations.

The main building next door features a sensory room and school-sized gymnasium for children to use at recess and for working on gross motor skills and free play.

pathways house
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Contact Jessica Gallino, Intake Coordinator

Call (905) 689-4727 ext. 115  or email haltonautismservices@woodview.ca