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What is the Triple P Parenting Program?

Triple P stands for

Positive Parenting Program.

It doesn’t tell you how to parent. Instead, it is like a toolbox of ideas. You choose the strategies you need. You choose the way you want to use them. And, it works!

Is the Triple P Parenting program right for you?

Would you like to?

  • reduce problem behaviour in your child;
  • improve your well-being
  • improve your parenting skills;
  • feel less stressed;
  • find alternative ways to discipline; and
  • be more effective with your parenting?

If so, the Triple P program may be right for you.

What is the focus of the Triple P Parenting Program?
  • raise happy, confident kids;
  • manage misbehaviour so everyone in the family enjoys life more;
  • set rules and routines that everyone respects and follows;
  • encourage behaviour you like;
  • take care of yourself as a parent; and
  • feel confident you’re doing the right thing.
Where is the Triple P Program located?

There are a number of ways to access this positive parenting program:

  • single visit appointment;
  • group sessions;
  • one-to one sessions;
  • online.

Triple P services are offered at various locations and various times.

There are also other individuals and organizations in Brantford that provide the program. To find a provider in your area, input your location a .


When does this program take place?

Discussion groups, seminars and group sessions take place at various times.


What does the program cost?

This program is free.


How do I refer myself for the Triple P Program?

A parent or caregiver can make a referral through Contact Brant.
Phone: (519)758-8228

Once a referral is made you will be contacted to discuss your needs.

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