Youth Engagement

What is youth engagement?

The New Mentality defines youth engagement as “empowering all youth as valued partners in addressing, and making decisions about issues that affect them personally and/or that they believe to be important” (Pereira, N., 2007).

Why is youth engagement important?
  • To decrease the stigma of mental illness and raise awareness of services and supports available for youth experiencing mental health issues
  • To create opportunities for youth to build leadership skills and learn transferable skills such as facilitation, teamwork, and project management
  • To facilitate positive relationships between youth, their peers, and adults allies that allow for personal growth, increased confidence, and a sense of belonging
What youth engagement opportunities are available at Woodview?
  • Brantford: Fortitude Youthview
  • Halton: Youth Engagement Group
What are Woodview’s expectations if I join the youth engagement group?

We ask that youth make a commitment to attend and participate at meetings twice a month.

Of course, we understand that life happens, and that sometimes you may not be able to make it, but we ask that you make a commitment to get the most out of the group.

What activities do the youth engagement groups get involved in?
  • Organize and host annual Coffee House and Art Show
  • Attend New Mentality, Disable the Label Conference
  • Designed the F1VE wristband
  • Co-created the ‘1 in F1VE’ video, You Never Know
  • Painted #ConvoPlates for the Paul Hansel Foundation
  • Design posters for youth engagement events
  • Presented to the Woodview Board of Directors
  • Co-creating our newest location “Woodview in the Square” in Brantford
How often does the Woodview youth engagement group meet?

The youth engagement group usually meets twice a month for 2 hours.

Will my involvement in the youth engagement group count towards volunteer hours?


How do I join my local Woodview youth engagement group?

Youth who are between the ages of 13 (or turning 13 the year they join) to 25 years old and who are a current or previous Woodview client are welcome to join the youth engagement group.

If you live in Brantford, you do not have to be a Woodview client to join.

I live in Hamilton, how do I join a Woodview youth engagement group?

Hamilton youth that are Woodview clients are welcome to join either the Halton or Brant groups.

Yes, I want to join! What now?

Click the button below to complete the online application form and a Woodview staff will be in contact with you soon.

I’m not a Woodview client, can I still get involved?

If you live in Halton but are not a current (or previous) Woodview client, the Reach out Centre for Kids (ROCK) offers a community-based youth engagement group that is open to youth. Please contact ROCK at 905-634-2347 or visit their website to learn more:

Woodview’s youth engagement group co-created this poignant story about how you just never know who may be experiencing a mental health concern.

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