What is one-to-one support?

We offer a variety of one-to-one supports for adults with autism who are looking to expand their life skills, pre-employment skills, community connections, and recreational opportunities to enhance their quality of life.

Community based support could include assisting you to access opportunities and activities in the community, setting employment goals, connecting with services, and more.

Our 1:1 services are person-centred with the goal of promoting your well-being through avenues that you enjoy and find meaningful.

We strive to provide support that is tailored to you: we match you with staff that will be the best fit while applying evidence-based practices to enhance your supports to the fullest.

Are one-to-one supports right for you? Are you:
  • An individual with ASD that has low to moderate support needs
  • 18+ years of age
  • Able to demonstrate safe behaviour in a group and community setting
  • Independent in toileting and mobility
  • Interested in engaging in recreation, working towards individual goals and expanding connection with your community
How much does this program cost?

Support costs are billed at a rate of $42.00 an hour with a minimum 3 hour shift in most instances. Activity, meal and mileage costs for staffing are extra.

Passport funds may be used to pay for services, and fund management may be available.


Where are One-to-one support services offered?

Supports will be offered primarily in the Hamilton area. Transportation may be provided for those in the Hamilton region. A variety of days and times can be offered for supports that best fit the individual.



How to register for One-to-one support?

No referral is required. Please contact or call (905) 527-9771 ext 182 for availability and program details.