After School Social Skills Respite Program

What is the After School Social Skills Respite Program?

The Respite program offers a once a week, after school, group to support youth in enhancing their social and relationships skills while offering a break to families.

Is the After School Social Skills Respite Program right for your child?

Our After School Social Skills Respite Program is right for your child if they:

  • are 7 – 17 years old;
  • are a resident of Hamilton;
  • are a low to moderate support needs individual with ASD;
  • wants to socialize and learn with others;
  • can engage in safe behaviour in a group and community setting;
  • are able to toilet independently;
  • are able to move independently;
  • can manage in a group with 1 staff person to 4 group members; and
  • the family welcomes a break
friends sitting on a couch cheering watching sports
What is the focus of the After School Social Skills Respite Program?

The focus of this group is to enhance learning in a fun and relaxed group. Proven instructional methods are combined with social, community based and recreational activities.

Our groups have a high success rate of helping create lasting friendships developed in an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment.

A number of skill areas are addressed in this program. Some of them are listed below along with some of the activities included in the program.

Social Skills

  • zones of regulation (fostering self-regulation and emotional control);
  • reciprocal conversations
  • listening to and following directions
  • problem solving skills
  • turn taking
  • helping others
  • empathy
  • building rapports

Community Access and Recreational Opportunities

  • mini golf
  • movies
  • fitness
  • swimming
  • board games

Money Skills

  • handling small amounts of cash
  • paying for items in the community
  • grocery shopping

Life Skills

  • knowing personal information
  • community safety
  • basic cooking skills
  • community appropriate hygiene


Where are the day treatment programs located?


This program is located at the:

Hamilton Autism Services
435 York Boulevard (Second Level)
Hamilton, ON, L8R 3K3


When does this program take place?

There are three different groups. Each of them runs once a week from September–June. Group composition takes into consideration age, individual needs and best fit. Dates and times for the 2020 program are tentative. Exact details will be confirmed closer to the program start date.

Junior–Wednesdays, 4:00pm–7:30pm.
Intermediate–Tuesdays, 4:00pm-8:30 pm.
Senior–Mondays, 4:30pm-8:00 pm.


What does the program cost?

The majority of this program is subsidized. Additional costs are $50.00 a month for 10 months or $500.00 in total.

There may be some additional incidental costs based on activities.

Before and after care may be available for an additional fee.



How do I refer my child for the day treatment program?

To make a referral to the program please connect with Contact Hamilton at (905) 570-8888.

For additional information or to contact the program directly, please contact our Program Coordinator at (905) 527-9771 ext. 175 or email

After a referral is made, your child is put on a wait list for the program.

When there is an opening you will be contacted by the Program Coordinator to arrange a time to meet.

90% of parents responded that they were a partner in developing goals.

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