Privacy Statement

At Woodview Your Privacy is Important

We are committed to meeting the highest ethical standards with respect to the collection, use, security and disclosure of your personal information.

We are also committed to meeting or exceeding the privacy standards established by relevant legislation, including Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA).

The Information We Collect

The types of personal information we collect may vary depending on the individuals involved and the nature of their relationship with Woodview.

Service Participants
Name, address, date of birth, and health card information will be collected. Personal and family information related to assessment, counselling, treatment and support services may also be collected.

Names and addresses are collected.

How We Use the Information

At Woodview we use the information we collect in different ways.

For example:

  • To provide assessment, counselling, treatment and support services.
  • For quality assurance purposes to help us improve our services. This includes feedback on how effective and helpful our services have been.
  • To comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To share information about events, activities, and programs that may be of interest.
  • For fundraising purposes.
  • For research and/or education and professional development of our staff. (Information used for these purposes is done anonymously. If we need to use information specific to you, or to identify you in any way, we will only do so with your consent).

For donors, personal information may be used:

  • To acknowledge donations and issue charitable tax receipts.
  • To share information about events, activities, and programs that may be of interest.
  • For future fundraising purposes.
How We Share the Information

We do not share your personal information with anyone outside of Woodview or our agents (e.g.consultants, legal counsel, or our accrediting agency) without your consent.

With consent, we do share information with other professionals, hospitals, agencies and schools who are involved in the care, education and treatment of a service participant. Consent for a service participant under 12 years of age must be provided by the parent / authorized caregiver. Service participants aged 12 and over can provide their own consent. A service participant under the age of 12 may provide their own consent if the child is capable of making the decision and understands what they are consenting to.

The only exceptions to this are:

• When we are ordered by subpoena to disclose information; or
• When we are required to notify authorities in suspected cases of abuse, neglect, or imminent harm.

Non-Identifying Data Sharing

Non-identifying information is sent to the Ministry of Health and/or the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. The information provided is used for planning purposes, as well as, for improving service delivery.

Identifying Information Data Sharing

In Halton and Hamilton, children’s mental health client-specific information (Name, Date of Birth, and Postal Code) is encrypted and securely sent to the designated Lead Agencies. The Lead Agencies then send non-identifying information to the Ministry of Health for planning purposes, as well as for improving service delivery.

Safeguards and Security

All agents of Woodview, including staff,volunteers, directors and accrediting agencies are bound by an oath of confidentiality with respect to personal information obtained in the course of their work with us. This oath is taken when they first become involved with Woodview. The oath is in effect indefinitely.

We store personal information in paper or electronic files. We protect these files through physical and electronic security measures appropriate to the nature of the information. Only authorized personnel can access the files.

Retaining of Personal Information

After a client is discharged from Woodview, their files and personal information are kept in secure storage, either hard copy or electronic. They are stored for twenty (20) years after the client’s discharge or for any minimum retention period established by law.

We may store client records off-site with an agent contracted to provide secure and confidential record storage.

Destruction of Personal Information

When it is time for client records to be destroyed, Woodview uses safeguards to ensure the destruction is carried out in a secure manner. This includes entering into a written agreement with an agent contracted to destroy client records. In the agreement, the agent confirms in writing that secure destruction has taken place in accordance with our specifications.

Accuracy of Personal Information

We use advanced technology and well-defined practices to process personal information in a prompt, accurate, and complete manner. We depend on you to let us know of any changes to your personal information.We will correct any information that is found to be incorrect or incomplete

Your Access to Personal Information

As a service participant at Woodview,you have the right to access your personal information. If any information is inaccurate, you have the right to correct it.

We have specific policies and procedures concerning access to and disclosure of personal information:

a. During the course of ongoing service, your worker(s) will provide you with copies of important reports and documents.
b. You may also request access to your information by making a written request to the Program Manager, to the Director, or to Woodview’s Privacy Officer.

If you request copies of reports or information in your file, you may be required to pay a fee, depending on the nature and extent of the information requested.


At Woodview, we review policies and procedures on an on going basis. These may be revised from time to time. If these revisions significantly change the way we use, maintain or disclose previously collected personal information,we will let you know and obtain your consent where required.


If you have questions or concerns about Privacy at Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services, please contact:

Cindy I’Anson
Executive Director
Privacy Officer /Health Information Custodian
Woodview Mental Health& Autism Services 69 Flatt Road
Burlington, ON L7P 0T3 905-689-4727 x114

For additional information on Privacy in Ontario, please contact:
Information & Privacy Commissioner, Ontario
80 Bloor Street West, Suite 1700
Toronto, ON M5S
2V1 416-326-3333