Adam is standing in a room holding a menu

Along with Autism, Adam suffers from extreme anxiety disorder. His anxieties from the fear of bees & death were so extreme that they were taking over his life. We have a pool in our backyard but Adam wouldn’t enjoy it because of his fear of bees. We also wanted to take him on a tropical vacation but he didn’t want to go anywhere that there would be bees.

When we were referred to The Intensive Child & Family Services Program at Woodview, that’s when we met Brittany. Brittany worked with our entire family on Adam’s anxieties. She took Adam on outings & worked with him on techniques that he could use on his anxieties. These included breathing & phrases he could use to help him cope.

Since being in The Intensive Child & Family Services we have enjoyed a trip to the Bahamas where we enjoyed a lot of outdoor activities and swimming in the ocean. We are currently planning a trip to Cuba!! Adam has also done a lot of swimming in our pool this year. This summer while outside swimming a bee flew up to Adam. At first he yelled and was going to go in the house but then he stopped himself and talked himself through his fear – it was awesome!!! Adam also experienced extreme anxiety when starting high school last year. Again, Brittany was there for us. Together Adam and Brittany attended his first day, making sure he was OK and knew where he was going. Later in the year when we had to attend a meeting at the high school we were told that Adam was pretty much the poster child for successful transition into high school!! He successfully completed his first year of high school and is looking forward to starting his 2nd year.

Although we were discharged from active care we know that help is a phone call away. We just cannot say enough about the staff at Woodview especially Brittany for all that they have given our family. And although we know that Adam will still need a lot of help along the way we feel confident that he has been provided with the tools to help him cope with a lot of his anxieties.