Vocational Supports MPD

What is the vocational supports program (MPD)?

The vocational supports program is known as Manor Personnel Deployment. MPD for short. MPD is a ‘service company’ that provides seasonal lawn maintenance, cleaning services for businesses and individuals, and data entry.

MPD provides work opportunities for people with ASD. The major advantage of the company is their ability to make the many accommodations required to maintain people with ASD in the workplace.

Is the vocational supports program (MPD) right for you?

The program is right for you if:

  • you are involved in Woodview’s adult autism services; and
  • you are interested in having a part-time job.

What is the focus of the vocational supports program (MPD)?

Manor Personnel Deployment is a vocational resource. The focus of this resource is to provide gainful employment and support for participants.

There are employee incentive programs, and social gatherings to celebrate hard work and accomplishments.

For most workers, this will be their first long-term successful job. This increases self-esteem and confidence. The earned income will also add to their quality of life.

How do I register/find out more about theManor Personnel Deployment (MPD) Program?

To find out more about vocational services at Woodview, please call 905-575-7355.

Landscaping Services – Green Grass Guys

Lawn Care Detailing
Lawn care service, residential

The Green Grass Guys are adults with autism who provide seasonal lawn care services in Ancaster, Stoney Creek, and Hamilton. When you hire the Green Grass Guys, you are providing an employment opportunity to an individual with autism in your community!

The Green Grass Guys are reliable, experienced, detail-oriented, and they really enjoy making lawns look great – satisfaction guaranteed! The Green Grass Guys offer lawn care services at competitive prices and you won’t have to sign a contract.

We offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn care. Our service includes mowing, trimming, and blowing. Let us know what you need: front lawn, back lawn, or both!

Green Grass Guys logo
The Green Grass Guys always do a great job, they work so hard rain or shine.

Rose B.

Stoney Creek
I’ve been a customer of the Green Grass Guys for 5 years now. They are a great bunch of guys, I highly recommend them.

Tony B.

Green Grass Guys mowing a large lawn
Green Grass Guys weed whacking
Green Grass Guys team member mowing the lawn
Green Grass Guys team member mowing grass

Call Us for a Free Quote

We would love the opportunity to work with you. Please call 905-527-9771 ext. 182 or email greengrassguys@woodview.ca

We invite you to tell friends and family about this wonderful opportunity to make a difference to an adult with autism!