Manor Residential Program

What is the Manor Residential Program?

Woodview Manor is a residential townhouse unit. In Woodview Manor we have created a group living environment and provide supports for up to 5 individuals with Autism.

Is the Manor Residential Program right for you?

Our Manor Residential Program is right for you if:

  • you are a low support needs individual with ASD;
  • you are a Hamilton resident;
  • you have independent hygiene, toileting, cooking and mobility skills;
  • you qualify through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO);
  • you are willing to participate in group social/recreational activities;
  • you are interested in working on individual life skills goals;
  • you can live with the support of one staff person for 5 residents with periods of being home alone; and
  • you can engage in safe behaviour in a residential, community and group setting.
What is the focus of the Manor Residential Program?

The Manor provides long term residential placements for individuals with ASD.

Our supports focus on improving the quality of lives of the individuals we serve through:

  • person direct planning;
  • proven instructional practices; and
  • a safe and comfortable living space for all


Where is the Major Residential Program located?

The program is located on the Hamilton Mountain.



When does the Manor Residential Program take place?

The Manor becomes our residents’ home and primary residence. The residential unit is open all year. There are bi-weekly weekend closures and closures for holidays. Closures ensure our residents stay connected to their families.



What does the Manor Residential Program cost?

Government funding (MCSS) and our partnership with Kiwanis Homes allows us to provide an affordable cost for our residential services. Living and support fees will be discussed with families at an initial meeting.






How do I refer for the Manor Residential Program?

If you have questions or to make a referral for the program please connect with Hamilton-Niagara Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) at: (905) 297-5604.

Please note, this is a mid to long term residential program. As such, openings do not arise often. If you want to know your position on the wait list, please contact Hamilton-Niagara Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) at: (905) 297-5604.



Manor Program Profile

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the program, read their program profile

Woodview has taught our son social and independent living skills beyond what we had expected. Our son has become the essence of goodness, and is able to fit into almost all social situations.


They are LGBTQ friendly and let me be the real me, plus they listen and are there for me in times of need.

Adult Client