Transition to High School Program

What is the Transition to High School Program?

Our Transition to High School program (THS) is a program for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It was developed to help students move into and navigate the first two years of high school.

Is the Transition to
High School Program
right for your child?

This program is right for your child if they:

  • are a low to moderate support needs individual with ASD;
  • are in grades 7-10;
  • are a Hamilton resident;
  • wants to socialize and learn with others;
  • are willing to complete lesson style work in a classroom setting;
  • can engage in safe behaviour in a group and community setting;
  • are able to toilet independently; and
  • are able to move independently
What is the focus of the Transition to High School Program?

The focus of this program is to assist ASD individuals in navigating the high school world. This program combines classroom style lessons with recreational and social opportunities. This creates an enriching and engaging environment to help prepare teens for this next step in their lives.

Key topics covered in the program include:

  • conversations with peers;
  • bullying;
  • zones of regulation (fostering self-regulation and emotional control);
  • group/team work;
  • being in the community;
  • hygiene for high school;
  • time management;
  • following directions;
  • handling disagreements;
  • money handling; and
  • much more!


When does Transition to High School Program take place?

This program runs in 6-week blocks. Group composition will take into consideration age, individual needs and best fit.

Junior program (Grades 7, 8)
Senior program (Grades 9, 10)

This program runs once a week from 4:00pm-6:00pm for 6 weeks

Program dates will be confirmed closer to the beginning of the program.


Where is the Transition to High School Program located?

The program is located at the:

Hamilton Autism Services
435 York Boulevard (Second Level),
Hamilton, ON L8R 3K3


What does the Transition to High School Program cost?

The majority of this program is subsidized.

Additional costs are $200.00 for the 6-week session (includes program and activity costs).


How do I refer my child for the Transition to High School Program?

To make a referral to the program please connect with Contact Hamilton at (905) 570-8888 or to make a referral to the program directly, please contact or call (905) 527-9771 ext 182 *Participants must be a Hamilton resident*

After a referral is made, your child is put on a wait list for the program.

When there is an opening you will be contacted by Woodview to arrange a time to meet.