Autism Social Skills Groups

Please note that groups have been suspended due to COVID-19 until further notice.
What are Social Skills Groups?

Social skills groups are 10-week social skills groups with a variety of themes such as learning to engage in functional play with peers including turn taking, requesting, sharing, engaging in group routines, and more.

Social skills groups will help to further develop your child’s communication skills and daily living skills by learning and practicing through fun and exciting activities each week.

The ratio for each social skills group changes based on the child’s needs and skills, up to a ratio of 2 staff to 8 children.

Parents and caregivers will be required to attend one mandatory parent session with a Clinical Supervisor at the end of the group block.  Parents will have the opportunity to watch videos to observe the progress and gains of their child in the group, for information sharing from Woodview Staff, and to discuss next steps for future social and communication goals.

What is the focus of Social Skills Groups?

The focus of social skills groups is to help and support children to reach their potential in social and communication skills and to improve their daily living skills.

Social skills groups are offered in small group sizes and use Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) principles and evidence-based strategies, plus video modelling, role play, and homework to teach these various skills.


Where are Social Skills Groups offered?

Woodview’s Head Office:
69 Flatt Road, Burlington ON L7P 0T3


Woodview North (Harrison Public School):
59 Rexway Drive, Georgetown ON L7G 1P9

Please see the individual group description below for details on where each group is located.



When do Social Skills Groups take place?

Groups run in 10-week blocks and vary in length depending on the type of group (between 1.5 to 2 hours per session) and take place:

October to December;
January to March;
April to June; and 
July to September

Groups are typically offered evenings and on Saturdays to accommodate school schedules. 



What is the cost of Social Skills Groups?

The cost of each group varies and is based on participant ratios. Please see the group descriptions below for cost.


How do I register my child for a Social Skills Group?

To learn more about Social Skills Groups and and to register your child, please contact Jessica Gallino, Intake Coordinator, at:
Phone: (905)689-4727 ext. 115