January 27, 2022

Families come first at Woodview.

Reprinted with permission

Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services has been working hard to build more flexible options into its programs, and provide exciting new offerings.

“We want families to know that they don’t have to go through these tough times alone,” says Flora Ennis, Director, Services/System Planning (Brant). “Woodview is here for them and we’ll go above and beyond to support children and youth – and parents and caregivers, too.

“The pandemic has taken a toll on child and youth mental health – and families. But there is hope. Families are resilient,” Ennis adds. “We support young people and families with mental health and autism services that build on their strengths and focus on skill-building, coping strategies, relationships, independence, and resilience.”

Woodview now offers more flexible options than ever before.

“We’re here to provide services when, where, and how is best for them – not just typical ‘business hours’.” Woodview also has exciting new offerings:

Brantford Autism Services: Woodview expanded its autism services into Brantford one year ago – offering Ontario Autism Program (OAP) eligible services, such as in-centre services and virtual family skill development. Families can begin with a free consultation to explore and discuss their child’s strengths and needs. Immediate openings available.

Mental Health ‘Walk-In’ Clinics: After listening to feedback from the community, Woodview has made it easier to get help when you need it. Sometimes talking to a mental health counsellor today can help a problem from getting bigger tomorrow. Open to all residents of Brantford-Brant. It’s free, confidential, and no referral or health card is needed. No wait lists.

Youth and Family Voice as a Priority: Youth and family feedback matters to Woodview, which wants every key decision made to be shaped in collaboration with youth and families. To demonstrate this, a full-time person with lived experience has been hired to lead engagement at Woodview, and ensure youth and family voices are heard, and shared around the decision-making tables of Woodview.

Families and clinicians are already working together to create a program to better serve parents of small children.

“Our services cater to the individual needs of each child, youth, and family member that walks through our door – whether it’s individual one-to-one therapeutic service, participating in a group amongst others currently experiencing the same challenges including our youth drop-in program, which also caters to the 2SLGBTQA+ community, or simply learning more about mental health and how to best support one another – from parent/caregiver support to supporting other community service providers,” points out Ennis.

“The needs of the children, youth and parents that we serve are important to us… not just as a service provider, but as their partner to achieving mental wellness.”

“If we were all on a bus together… the client/family would be the driver,” she states.

Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services is a registered and accredited charity that has been strengthening lives and inspiring hope since 1960. We support children, youth, adolescents (up to age 18) and adults facing mental health challenges and/or living with autism. Services are flexible, provided when and where is best for the client/family. Woodview has a client-centred and strength-based approach; and values the client/family voice, and growing engagement network. High quality, needs based services include a range in service from 1-1 counselling, group services, home and community-based support, tele-mental health including virtual care, plus caregiver support including respite and autism services.

Woodview’s main location in Brantford – 643 Park Road North – was recently transformed by the Smilezone Foundation, creating a more inviting and welcoming space for families. “Therapeutic treatment goes far beyond the direct methods used by our front-line staff; the environment – and everything that environment encompasses – plays an equally important role in the healing and recovery process.”

 For more details, call 519-752-5308 or visit woodview.ca.

Article used with permission. Originally published in The Expositor on January 27, 2022:  https://7c1e077b.flowpaper.com/VPBrantfordMenalHealth/?fbclid=IwAR1QjFFjqcJ9kvKBt81uI2KJjGYTU9cXZ2491gScP0pM6Lf8xbCYxLertno#page=6