February 7, 2022

How Project ImPACT parent coaching can help (Caregiver Mediated Early Years)

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By Janice Theodoropoulos, Clinical Supervisor

The PACT in Project ImPACT stands for Parents As Communication Teachers and that is the core of the program! Our coaches work with you from a family-centred, strengths-based approach to increase your ability as caregivers to work with your child on social, communication, imitation and play skills.

Project ImPACT is recognized as a very effective coaching program for parents of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) because of its basis in developmental science and the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis. While these underlying theories can be complex, our favourite thing about project imPACT is how it breaks down the strategies so they can be understood and used by everyone. We know that strategies have to be quick and practical to fit into your family’s busy life. The core of Project ImPACT is connecting with your child in an enjoyable way and leading them slowly into new skills through play and engagement.

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How to register for the 12-week Project ImPACT program:

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