Program Profile: Brant Elementary Day Treatment (EDT)

By Taylor Robertson

Originally published August 2021

When was the program founded?

EDT became its own separate part of Woodview about six years ago (2015). At first it was connected to the residence that Woodview also managed, but once the residence was no longer a program within Woodview, EDT became a program of its own. Now the EDT program is located on James Hillier’s school property.

How was the program created / developed?

The program was created in collaboration with the Grand Erie District School Board to help give students struggling within the mainstream program more resources so that they can be more successful during their academic journeys.

Who We Serve

The EDT program serves children from grades 6, 7 & 8 who are currently experiencing difficulty or disruption within a mainstream classroom setting. The EDT program helps our students better understand their own mental health and anxieties by running therapeutic programs, teaching life/social skills and working on goals that are centered around developing positive mental health. The end goal being that our students will be able to take these learned skills and be successful within their next school placement as well as outside of a classroom setting (in the community or home). Students also receive an education academically as well when not learning these life skills.

Our classroom currently has six children from grades 6-8 enrolled within the program. This is the classroom max.

EDT Staff

Within the EDT classroom we have a Grand Erie District School Board Teacher (Penny Telfer), one Program Manager (Tyler Beedham), one CYW (Taylor Robertson) and a college student who would be doing their placement within the classroom.


The EDT program has so much room for flexibility as we constantly take new ideas from the students on what to do during a school day. Staff are able to adapt very easily throughout the day which allows the children to develop a very positive school experience for themselves. A typical school day looks like:

  • 9:00: Students arrive and have breakfast/socialize with staff
  • 9:30: Class (Math)
  • 10:15: Break
  • 10:30: Class (Language)
  • 11:00: Lunch
  • 12:00: Reading, geography, projects, science, Student choice
  • 12:45: Break
  • 1:00: Depending on the day: Swimming, field trip, gym, movie, home work, therapeutic programs
  • 2:30: Prep to go home, then socialize together
  • 3:00: Cabs come
Stand Out Memory

There are many small moments that make this job so much fun to work at, especially when you put six 12 year-olds in one room together! I just like seeing how successful they have been over the last two years. Our students have come a long way and we were able to watch them all graduate last year as 5 of our students were in grade 8. I would say that’s one of my favourite moments.

Referral Process

If there is a student who is currently being given access to resources from their school boards and isn’t seeing any success within their classroom then the School board comes together to figure out what more they can do. The School board director will then inform Woodview. To be eligible for the program, the student would have to be involved with Woodview prior (i.e. involvement in parent groups, Wraparound, respite, etc). EDT program then talks to the school board / individual schools and develops a plan to get the student enrolled within the classroom if there is room that school year.