April 18, 2022

New Logo for Youth Engagement Group

Woodview’s youth engagement group has updated its name to Fortitude Youth Initiative (from Fortitude YouthView) and designed a new logo!

Here’s what the youth said about the exciting change:

“We decided to update the Logo and Name of our group to something that we feel better represents what our group stands for. The added green ribbon to show our involvement within the Ontario Mental Health System and the purple to help the ribbon stand out more, we also tried to keep the feel of our original logo by keeping with the street art style for the lettering.

Our updated group name also helps enrapture the true meaning and purpose of our group, Keeping Fortitude’s meaning of “courage during pain or adversity” and Initiative to show our commitment to act and take charge within our community. We hope this group can be a beacon of hope for youth in our communities to show they can truly make a difference within the Youth Mental Health System, and we believe our new Logo and Name can help forward this idea and hope.”

Well done guys, congratulations!