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June 1, 2020 

Woodview's Website Redesign

By Michelle Bake-Murphy, Communications | Fundraising  

🚀 We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our shiny new website!

We’ve spent a ton of time working to create a welcoming website for families that’s intuitive, accessible, inclusive, and has a bunch of robust features.

Why Redesign?

Umm… remember our old website?  🤨  

Seriously though, after consulting with staff and families, it was time for something fresh to better reflect who we are and who we serve.

Staff & Family Consultation

It all started with one-on-one interviews with staff from a variety of roles, programs, and regional locations.  We also consulted with the Family Engagement Group in Brant.  Information gathered from these dozens of consultations informed the content strategy for our new site. 

What’s New

Improved Functionality:

Accessibility (AODA bar with font size and contrast for low vision, screen-reader friendly content)

Translation into any language (our clients are diverse, language is inclusive)

Social sharing buttons on every page (easily share info that a friend might be interested in)

Quick scroll to top (no more endless scrolling, just fly to the top of the page)

Dynamic events listings… and more!


Better Content:

Conversational writing style (goodbye clinical jargon, hello friend)

High quality images (let’s avoid those posed stock photos shall we)

Resources (we love sharing helpful resources)

Blog (we like to write too ☺️)

Youth engagement page… and more!

Now, programs and services are easily found by region, either through the colour coded regional ‘block’ on the homepage or the drop-down menu on the navigation bar.

We’ve also made sure to provide all the program details up-front in a Q&A style so you don’t have to hunt around (including clear referral information and what to expect next).

The design is fresh, intuitive, and engaging.  Because families looking for mental health and autism support deserve an inviting online experience that is stress-free and provides clear and accurate information.

Thank you to the staff and family members who shared their insights and to our web developer codepxl for working with us to create a dynamic and functional website that everyone including parents, caregivers, youth, community partners, job seekers, placement students, medical professionals, and many more visitors will find useful.

We hope you like the changes, if you have any feedback, please get in touch

Now, go explore! 😊