Request for Proposal - Governance Consultant

Job Location: Brantford
Program: Hub Development Oversight Committee
Number of Positions: 1
Application Deadline: July 15, 2021
Employer: Willowbridge Community Services

Position Summary

A collaborative of health and social service agencies is planning a large Community Hub in Brantford Ontario that will co-locate all agencies on a single site and ensure that services are accessible, welcoming, and inclusive. The Hub Development Committee, under the leadership of Willowbridge Community Services, is seeking the consultation services of a Governance Consultant who can support our committee.

The Governance Consultant will work with the Hub Development Oversight Committee and other key stakeholders to develop a corporate structure and governance approach to governing this new Community Hub in order to ensure its success and sustainability. Specifically, this work involves building an effective, efficient, and inclusive corporate structure and governance approach that will enable the governing body(ies), management leadership, and other stakeholders to achieve their goals. The governance model and corporate structure will be required to serve as a vehicle for co-governance across partners with the goal of building community, increasing access to services, and promoting excellence in service delivery.

In the process of exploring governance models, the Governance Consultant will be required to put together written materials and recommendations on how to proceed for presentation to the respective organizations’ Boards of Directors, and to ensure the voices of all partners are reflected in the model that is selected.

This scope of work also includes consultation, facilitation, and support for the process of establishing bylaws and, where needed, governing policies to document the ownership, structure, working relationships, partner expectations, and accountabilities of all parties involved. The policies should outline how the desired outcomes will be achieved, as well as prudent and ethical behaviours within the Hub operations and mechanisms for conflict resolution.

Finally, the Governance Consultant will be responsible for establishing a corporate structure and governance approach that educates and trains all stakeholders in such a way that they achieve a clear understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities. This will ensure all Hub partner organizations have a transparent and thorough understanding of their expectations and the principles for effectively practicing the new governance approach and corporate structure. This will enable all stakeholders to build their capacity to achieve the goals of this Community Hub.

How To Apply
Please forward your cover letter & resume in one document to by July 15th at 11:59 pm EDT.
Willowbridge aims to provide a diversity-friendly work environment and particularly encourages people of all ethnicities, genders, sexual/gender identities, cultural backgrounds, abilities and beliefs to apply.