September 13, 2022

Woodview is working on turning the access and delivery of mental health services upside down!

We have been listening closely to the voices of children, youth and families about accessing mental health services and barriers to getting supports. Families have shared that they want to access support sooner, they want services customized to their needs, and they want access to be simple.

As a result of the feedback we’ve heard, Woodview is adopting the Choice and Partnership Approach (CAPA) Model in Brantford. CAPA focuses on service transformation and providing services that fit the client’s needs based on their choice. All aspects of the approach are family-centered. This means, Woodview will follow YOUR lead to ensure you get what you need when you need it. We are increasing accessibility, supporting your choices, and reducing wait times!

Families will have the opportunity to meet with a clinician for a Choice appointment to discuss their needs and come up with the best path forward. Families can move in and out of service as needed and will be matched with a clinician with the right skills, at the right time!

CAPA supports Woodview’s Mission, Vision and Values by enhancing access to our high-quality services, working in collaboration with
families while ensuring their voice is the most important one we listen to.

For our valued Woodview employees, CAPA provides a new approach to clinical skills and job planning, provides flexibility and supports Wooview’s culture of promoting a positive work-life balance, a learning environment, and has proven to decrease stress and burn out!

We are excited to continue our transformation in Brantford, working towards a system that promotes keeping the family experience of using our services at the forefront of what we do!