June 11, 2020 

Bringing Woodview in the Square Online

By Sarah Precious, Suicide Prevention Brant & Youth and Family Engagement Coordinator

Woodview in the Square, a youth hub in downtown Brantford at Harmony Square, was co-developed with youth and community partners to create a space for youth offering the right service, at the right time, in the right place.  At this location we offer mental health services and supports to youth ages 12-25, and thanks to our community partners we offer multiple integrated services all under one roof!

The vision for Woodview in the Square is to develop a safe place for youth to easily access mental health and community services when they need them.  Although COVID-19 has changed how we are offering services, we are still here and ready to help through virtual sessions on the phone, secure video conferencing, and communication through phone, text, and email. 

Part of creating a youth friendly space is being online!  The youth shared their need for Woodview in the Square to be on social media, to receive important information but more importantly to have a virtual place to connect with youth and staff, have fun, and find support. 

We are excited to share that Woodview in the Square is now on Facebook and Instagram (@ woodviewinthesquare) and on Twitter (@woodviewinthesq)!

These social media sites are being co-developed with youth to make sure the content is youth approved, interesting, and engaging.  The youth have had some amazing ideas, and have taught us a thing or two about social media along the way.  Staff have been working with youth to create fun videos, visuals, and find activities for youth to participate in online. 

We will continue to learn and grow with the youth to make sure Woodview in the Square is offering what youth need.  A silver lining to the changes brought on by COVID-19 are the many virtual options we are offering.  Now, we are more accessible to youth who live in rural communities or who live in different parts of the city where transportation was a barrier to accessing our services. So, if you are hearing about us for the first time and have questions please reach out to us at brantyouth@woodview.ca

For details on our ‘Virtual Walk-In Clinics’ available Tuesday-Saturday, please visit:  https://woodview.ca/virtual-walk-in-counselling.  You can also download the flyer here.

Woodview in the Square’s Friday Night Drop-In is back – now done virtually –  from 5-7pm, a place for youth to come have fun and find support.  Each week has a variety of activities and staff are always available for a one on one chat if youth are interested.  For more information please visit our Facebook or Instagram pages.

We hope to see you online!