October 7, 2022

Aurora's Kindness Project is Dino-mite!

All of us at Woodview are still enjoying the post-event glow from the wonderful Family Fall Fair and AGM last week!  If you were there, you may have noticed a trio of lovable dinosaurs roaming the event and delighting kids of all ages.

We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to Aurora, a Brantford youth who makes a difference – she’s the youth behind this initiative.  We received a lovely note from her mom, Tara Rose, and they kindly gave permission to share (tip: grab the tissues!).

Aurora’s Top Three Moments

“I wanted to thank you so much for having us at your event. Aurora was so excited to participate. She would like you to know that her three favorite moments were:

  1. When a little boy about age 5 screamed ‘I love dinosaurs!’ and gave each one a hug. Then he asked the balloon artist to make him a T-Rex to which he came back to show us. (My son Logan was the T-Rex and it melted his heart). She wanted to thank the balloon artist [Marco the Clown] for being so creative with his work and making such cool dinosaur balloons.
  2. A little girl maybe aged 3 running up naming all the dinosaurs and giving multiple hugs and bonded with Aurora (the Pterodactyl), following her and hiding under her wing and asking if she could stay with the dinosaurs forever.
  3. A teenage boy around Aurora’s age who was non-verbal but found ways to communicate with Aurora by petting her costume and giving high-fives.

“She was so excited to make memories with the children at your event. I have attached a few photos a friend of ours took so you could see how much fun we had.

The event was so well done you could hear each family’s positive reactions as they walked around and hear all the kids’ laughter and excitement.

Aurora is currently at school but asked me to send a message off with her appreciation for allowing her to be apart of the event with her kindness project!

Woodview will forever have a special place in my heart between you and I Aurora received years of support for her anxiety and to see it come full circle from her being a client to participating at a crowded event with confidence was amazing. Thank you for all you do.”

Thank you Aurora and Tara Rose! You made our day! 🦖 💗