Youth Engagement Logo Story

Youth Engagement Logo


Woodview is committed to partnering with youth in our community to engage them in creating meaningful change to children’s mental health services in Brant.

A contest took place to design a logo that would represent the work of the Brantford Youth Engagement group. The winning design represented the importance of the youth voice, youth engagement, and working together.

“The logo that I created represents youth engagement and youth voice, which ultimately leads to youth empowerment. Youth have so many stresses, worries, ideas, hopes, opinions, and dreams constantly being pondered in their heads like the turning gears of a machine. By engaging with youth and giving them a voice, all of these thoughts can be released and the minds of youth can come together to make amazing things happen. The white silhouettes holding hands in a circle with no start or finish show the continuous harmony that can be felt when adults and youth come together as one and stand together.” – Alexandra Rodriguez, Logo Designer


When consulting with the youth focus groups, the youth decided to that the logo would be interchangeable in three colours:

  • Red to represent the adults (ally’s, professionals)
  • Blue to represent youth
  • Purple (the combined colour of blue and red) to represent the youth engagement work and partnership with adult ally’s and professionals


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