School Based Support Services

What are School Based Support Services?

The School Based Support Services Program provides support to students from grades JK to 12 in the Halton District School Board and the Halton Catholic District School Board.

To provide support to students and their caregivers whose daily lives are being negatively impacted by mental health concerns.

What is the focus of the School Based Support Services Program?

The focus of the School Based Support Services Program is to help:

  • Students who find mental health issues impact their academic achievement
  • Students who have difficulty functioning in relationships due to effects of mental health symptoms
  • Caregivers who would like to learn and practice behaviour management strategies.


Where are the School Based Support Services Program located?

Services are provided in home, office, and in some school locations.


When does this program take place?

Support is available to students and families throughout the school year.


What does the program cost?

School Based Support Services are available at no cost.


How do I register my child for the day treatment program?

For Referral to the program please contact:
Access and System Navigation at ROCK (Reach Out Centre for Kids)

Phone: 1-289-266-0036
Fax: 1-905-681-7477 *Mark Attention Access & System Navigation*

After a referral is made. The School Based Supports Team staff will contact you to arrange a time to meet. The purpose of the meeting is to determine if and how the program can help you and your child.

Program was conducted on site at the school to help address issues with peers and in school environment that can’t be worked out at home. Support worker gained trust and affection of my child and provided a safe environment to take risks.


The one on one support from the outreach worker for my son and myself.   She even accompanied me to his doctor appointment and ROCK for extra help and support.


What I liked the most about the program was getting helped with my problems, being understood and solving them myself.


It was just a great experience all around. Also my outreach worker is an awesome human being.