Manor Parents’ Council

What is the Woodview Manor Parents’ Council?

The Woodview Manor Parents’ Council (WMPC) is comprised of parents representing the various groups served by Woodview Hamilton Autism programs. The Council was established to build on and support Woodview’s efforts to provide quality programs for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The WMPC’s goal is to develop and implement strategies, with support from all parents associated with the autism programs, to raise awareness of these services within the community and to advocate for necessary funding and support to continue these unique and beneficial programs.

Key Roles for the Council

  • Advocate for funding, for our children’s citizenship and for better ODSP supports
  • Raise Woodview’s Autism profile in the community
  • Partner in fundraising efforts for Manor programs
  • Act as an advisory group to Woodview Autism administration/staff
  • Assist in facilitating communication with parents via social media
  • Provide opportunities for parents to network
  • Support ways for parents to learn about and understand autism
  • Assist in presenting the biennial Stages of Autism: Adolescence and Beyond Conference

For More Information

For more information please contact

Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services
69 Flatt Road
Burlington, ON L7P 0T3

Halton: (905) 689-4727
Hamilton: (905) 689-4727
Brant: (519) 752-5308
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