Respite Worker - Casual (Brantford)

Job Location: Brantford
Program: Mental Health Services
Job Type: Casual
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Reports To: Program Coordinator

What a typical day as a RESPITE WORKER might look like?
  • Opportunity to provide morning support and help a child/youth get ready for his/her start of the day
  • May go to our day treatment classrooms and support youth with successful school days
  • May support in a group setting, providing opportunities for children/youth to make new friends
  • Provide support in existing community programs/activities (i.e. Cubs, Cooking classes)
  • Provide support 1:1 in the community to help achieve goals such as, but not limited to, life skills and social skills (activities have included fishing, swimming, bowling, hikes, parks, etc.)
  • Opportunity to provide evening support to help child/youth through a bedtime routine
  • May provide support in Woodview respite camps/PA day programming, support in a community camp and/or provide overnight respite
  • Successful incumbent(s) will have flexibility to work evenings and weekends and will be open to work with all clients
How does a child or youth benefit when working with a RESPITE WORKER?
  • Able to achieve goals in a nontraditional way
  • In the moment support
  • Have fun
  • Build community connections
  • Make friends
  • Build skills/develop coping strategies
  • Builds confidence
How does it benefit a parent/family when a child or youth are working with a RESPITE WORKER?
  • Have time for self-care
  • Reduces stress in the home which leads more positive relationships
  • Families know that their child supported and having fun
How would a RESPITE WORKER support and train families?
  • Providing a consistent schedule at a time agreed upon in conjunction with the family based on their needs
  • Sharing positive experiences and newly learned/developed skills so that the family can transfer this to home/school
  • Throughout the year, families are invited to participate in Woodview events such as BBQ’s, Christmas party and Mental Health Week activities with support of the respite staff
How To Apply

Qualified candidates are asked to send their resume to quoting “RESPITE WORKER” in the subject line.