Family Skill Development Services (Ages 0-18)

What are Family Skill Development Services?

Family Skill Development is a service designed to work on goals that are personalized for your child with autism and delivered in your home and/or in the community to teach your child skills and help decrease challenging behaviours.

Families can learn to teach their child a skill such as how to brush their teeth, how to eat with a utensil, daily living skills, homework routines, and creating independent activity schedules. 

Parents and caregivers can also learn how to decrease challenging behaviour and understand why the behaviour is occurring. You will also learn how to set up the home environment for success by using a daily schedule and task analysis.  Parents will be able to consult with staff around topics such as toilet training, picky eating, and sleep routines.

Are Family Skill Development
Services Right for Your Child?

Family Skill Development Services are for children 0 – 18 years old. They are right for your child if you and your child would benefit from:

  • learning and applying skills to improve behaviour in community settings (e.g., medical appointments, hairdresser, grocery store, community centre);
  • working with an ABA therapist to practice skills in the moment;
  • learning and applying skills to stay safe in the community;
  • learning how to communicate appropriately in the natural environment;
  • applying skills to reduce challenging behaviours; and
  • learning and applying skills designed to increase the variety of foods your child eats.
What is the focus of Family Skill Development Services?

The focus of Family Skill Development Services is to teach participants (including caregivers) Applied Behavioural Analysis strategies and skills. The strategies and skills taught help the child learn how to thrive in their home and in the community.

Programming is individualized. This means that the skills taught to your child are based on goals you as the parents or caregivers have identified.

It is expected that parents / caregivers be active participants in the program. In this way, skills taught by an ABA therapist can be practiced and reinforced outside of the skill development sessions.


Where are Family Skill Development Services located?

Family Skill Development Services include sessions in your home or community. Community settings might include a hair salon, grocery store, dentist’s office, doctor’s office, or recreational centre.





When do Family Skill Development Services take place?

There are four 12-week session blocks each year:

October to December
January to March
April to June
July to September

Choose 2, 4 or 6 hour sessions per week for twelve weeks. All session blocks include an initial assessment and follow-up check-ins.


How do I register my child for Family Skill Development Services?

For more information and to register your child, contact Jessica Gallino, Intake Coordinator, at 905-689-4727 ext. 115 or

Contact our Intake Coordinator to book a free intake, assessment, and tour. The comprehensive intake questionnaire will help determine your child’s strengths, needs, and priority goals.