Camp CARE – Registration opens April 1st

Introducing Camp CARE!

We’re excited to offer this new camp that will provide children with an ASD diagnosis the opportunity to attend a fun-filled summer camp. 🦊 🐻 🐿

July 8th – August 30th, 2019
Monday to Friday
9 am – 4 pm
$425 per week*

Register to book an intake starting on April 1st:

Our camp staff are trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), have experience working with children with ASD, have completed Non-Violent Crisis Prevention Intervention certification and Standard First Aid & CPR. ✔️

* This camp qualifies for special services at home (SSAH) funding reimbursement.

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Seeking Candidates for Board of Directors


In operation since 1960, Woodview is a non-profit organization that offers a broad spectrum of services for children and youth facing mental health challenges and individuals of all ages with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We support individuals and families to build on their strengths and reach their potential. Our services are flexible and responsive to the needs of individuals and families. At Woodview, we measure the results of our services to make sure that they are as effective as they can be. We serve the communities of Halton, Hamilton and Brant.


Woodview is funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. This funding is supported by grants and donations and private fee-based services.


Seeking Candidates for Board of Directors

Woodview’s Board offers an opportunity to work with a committed group of people to make a difference in the lives of individuals and families. The Board focuses on effective governance, outcome measurement, financial and human resources stewardship, fundraising/donor development, performance monitoring and accountability, and risk management. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your own abilities and provide leadership at a strategic level.


Requirements include:

  • A commitment to Woodview’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Prepare for, attend, and participate in all Board meetings (an average of 6 per year on Wednesday evenings at 5:00 p.m.)
  • Membership on a minimum of one committee of the Board meeting an average of 3 – 4 times per year


We are currently particularly interested in candidates with the following competencies:

  • A connection to mental health or autism
  • Previous Board experience is considered an asset.


Youth who are age of majority are welcome and encouraged to apply for a role on the Board.


Equal Opportunity

Woodview strives to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We welcomes applications from all qualified individuals, including individuals within equity categories of women, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities and aboriginal persons, individuals of diverse gender and sexual orientation and all groups protected by the Human Rights Code. Woodview is committed to equity and diversity and a positive and supportive environment.


For more information on this opportunity and how to apply, please view the full Board of Directors Volunteer Board Member posting.

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Woodview News: Autumn 2017

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Youth Engagement Logo Story

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Youth Engagement Logo


Woodview is committed to partnering with youth in our community to engage them in creating meaningful change to children’s mental health services in Brant.

A contest took place to design a logo that would represent the work of the Brantford Youth Engagement group. The winning design represented the importance of the youth voice, youth engagement, and working together.

“The logo that I created represents youth engagement and youth voice, which ultimately leads to youth empowerment. Youth have so many stresses, worries, ideas, hopes, opinions, and dreams constantly being pondered in their heads like the turning gears of a machine. By engaging with youth and giving them a voice, all of these thoughts can be released and the minds of youth can come together to make amazing things happen. The white silhouettes holding hands in a circle with no start or finish show the continuous harmony that can be felt when adults and youth come together as one and stand together.” – Alexandra Rodriguez, Logo Designer


When consulting with the youth focus groups, the youth decided to that the logo would be interchangeable in three colours:

  • Red to represent the adults (ally’s, professionals)
  • Blue to represent youth
  • Purple (the combined colour of blue and red) to represent the youth engagement work and partnership with adult ally’s and professionals


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SNAP Program Profile

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Written by: Nicole Schween & Lindsay Craig



As part of the Enhanced Ontario Youth Action Plan, the community came together and it was determined that Woodview Mental Health & Autism Services and Six Nations Child & Family Services would jointly submit an application with Six Nations Child & Family Services acting as the lead.

The SNAP® Program began servicing clients as of April 2016; SNAP® group delivery is jointly provided by both staff of Woodview and Six Nations Child & Family Services to families in each service area.

Due to the overwhelming success of the SNAP® Program, as a pilot endeavor the SNAP® model is now being delivered within the context of our Elementary Day Treatment Program.

Who We Serve

The SNAP® Program serves boys and girls ages 6-11 who are engaging in aggressive, anti-social behaviour and/or have come into contact with authority figures at school or in the community. Treatment also incorporates skills for siblings and parents/caregivers.


SNAP® Staff

SNAP® Program staff consist of Child and Youth Workers and Social Service Workers who have received extensive training in the SNAP® Model by the Child Development Institute. The Elementary Day Treatment also has two Child and Youth Workers as well as a classroom teacher.


Each day varies depending on whether or not group is running. Groups are offered in Six Nations one evening per week, with groups occurring in Brantford on a second evening. During the 13 weeks, we have 3 groups running at all times – child, sibling and parent/caregiver.

A typical Wednesday, also known as “group day” starts with a team meeting; bringing the team together to update on Agency happenings, review client cases, and in some instances, staff participate in multi-disciplinary team consultations.

Following team time, staff complete individual sessions, phone check-ins or school meetings throughout the day, prior to evening groups.

Prior to group, the team meets again to pre-brief and ensure all materials are prepared, review group delivery and group dynamics.

Groups begin and are 1.5 hours long, with two group sessions occurring back to back. Each group session is prescribed based on the SNAP® model which include check-in/relaxation, introduction and delivery of skill to be learned in that session, model and role play to practice the skill, debrief and home practice.

A standard child and sibling session includes emotion regulation, bullying, stealing, staying out of trouble, how to join in, and keeping problems small. The boys group session #10 also includes a visit to the local police station to build positive relationships with law enforcement.

A standard parent session includes emotion regulation, other parenting skills such as time-outs, effective listening, rewards, effective consequences, and home/school relations.

Once groups are completed, the team debriefs and tidies and heads home to do it all again tomorrow.


Quirky Fact

All group sessions are also videotaped to monitor adherence and competency of program delivery.


Stand Out Memory

A memory that stands out would show the dedication of our staff on a weekend group day when we were short-staffed and had high need clients in our boys group… on this particular day, one of our staff very creatively demonstrated how to role play a group situation, using only himself. This involved this particular

staff changing roles and carrying on a situation involving a disagreement on the playground and how to go about using his SNAP® skills.

During group session video review, this particular staff received outstanding marks for sticking to it despite having to play multiple roles in one role play.


Referral Process

To register or make a referral to the program, please contact Contact Brant at (519)758-8228 or Six Nations Child & Family Services at (519)445-0408.


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Annual Report 2016-17

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MOMH: Progress Report

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Woodview News: Spring 2017

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Middle Years Parent and Caregiver Experience Survey

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The Ministry of Children and Youth Services is leading the development of an Ontario Middle Years Strategy which will bridge existing policy and development frameworks for the early years and youth. It will help to support the well-being and positive development of all of Ontario’s children in the middle years, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable children and families.


Understanding the experiences of parents and caregivers is important. As part of their efforts to engage parents and caregivers supporting middle years children aged 6 – 12, a short Middle Years Parent and Caregiver Experience Survey was developed. The Ministry is asking for your help by completing the survey found at the link below.


The survey is anonymous and will only be used to support the development of an Ontario Middle Years Strategy.


Click here to complete the survey!

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Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services
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