Memorial Golf Tournament June 2, 2018

Please join us at the 9th and final Jeff Roche & Hannah Gordon-Roche Memorial Foundation Annual Memorial Golf Tournament.

Proceeds support the Woodview Learning Centre!

Saturday, June 2, 2018
Lowville Golf Club
2662 Britannia Road
Burlington, ON

Click flyer below for details!


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LIUB Blue Jays Fundraiser

Join us for a fun-filled Light it up Blue Fundraiser event hosted by Fionn MacCool’s Burlington in support of Woodview and in celebration of Autism Awareness Month!

The folks at Fionn MacCool’s are hosting the fundraiser on Thursday, April 26th at 5:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come by and enjoy the Blue Jays game with Woodview. We hope to see you there!


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MedicAlert Autism Program

Autism Canada has partnered with MedicAlert to offer a specialized service for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), The MedicAlert Autism Program.


People with autism can be particularly vulnerable in emergency situations. When communication is hindered, emergency situations can escalate quickly.

That’s why MedicAlert is proud to partner with Autism Canada, a leading advocate for those with autism and their families, to help keep you or your loved one safe in an emergency situation. A MedicAlert ID can be the difference between a tragedy and a happy ending.

The new MedicAlert Autism Program includes one year of MedicAlert protection, a free ID and shoe tag, plus complimentary shipping and registration, at a cost of only $60 to new subscribers.

Autism isn’t always recognizable to those who don’t know the signs.With MedicAlert protection, there’s an effective way to identify the subscriber, understand how to de-escalate a potentially volatile situation or reunite a lost subscriber with family or caregivers.

Here’s how the program can help.

If you or your loved one is in an emergency situation, it may not be possible to communicate effectively with emergency responders. The MedicAlert Autism Program is designed to empower emergency responders and police to provide you or your loved one with timely and customized care. Here’s how:

A MedicAlert ID is your voice in an emergency

Emergency responders and police know to look for the authentic MedicAlert ID. If an individual with autism is unable to communicate, the MedicAlert ID tells emergency responders and police about their condition and empowers emergency response teams to make informed decisions.

Comprehensive medical profile on file

We securely store subscribers’ electronic medical and personal profiles on file and make them available to emergency responders and police within seconds. This profile can include everything from known routines, anxiety triggers, and de-escalation techniques to other medical conditions such as allergies.

24/7 Emergency Hotline

Emergency situations can happen any time, day or night. Our exclusive 24/7 Emergency Hotline ensures that emergency responders and police will be able to access vital personal information around the clock.

Family Notification Service

Individuals with autism may be distressed by new surroundings and people. The exclusive Family Notification Service quickly notifies caregivers and family to let them know the situation and whereabouts of the subscriber, reducing stress for everyone.

For safety and peace of mind, sign up today.

Protection is only $60 a year. For new subscribers, the MedicAlert Autism Program includes:

  • One year of MedicAlert service
  • Free MedicAlert Autism Program ID
  • Free shoe tag
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Registration
  • No Tax
For more information or to sign up, visit or dial 1-877-217-7448.


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Adam Growe Comedy Fundraiser May 10

Posted by on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 ·  


Click flyer above for additional event details!


Join us for a one of a kind comedy show with a trivia twist that gives people from the audience a chance to win prizes live on stage! Adam’s signature style of humorous quiz games engages the whole audience with trivia and uproarious laughter.

Join us for comedy for a cause this Mental Health Week, and support Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services!

About Adam Growe:

For over 25 years, Adam has been performing on radio, television, stage, as well as at conferences and events. In addition to hosting Discovery Channel Canada’s Cash Cab, Adam is an accomplished stand-up comedian starring in Just for Laughs, Comedy NOW!, CBS’s Star Search and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. His career portfolio includes an interactive video Web App for businesses and planners, keynote presentations, one-man shows and public speaking coaching. Adam is a foster parent with his wife and three kids in Toronto.

We hope to see you there!

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MH Week Kick Off Event!

Posted by on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 ·  

Join Woodview on Monday, May 7, 2018 for a Mental Health Week Kick Off Event at the Boys & Girls Club of Brantford!

Click flyer below for details!

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Save the Date! Coffeehouse & Art Show

Posted by on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 ·  

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Thank you Autism Speaks!

Posted by on Friday, March 2, 2018 ·  

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Thank You Unity for Autism!

Posted by on Wednesday, December 20, 2017 ·  

A heartfelt THANK YOU to Unity for Autism for two generous grants of $20,000 for Woodview programs!

$20,000 will benefit the young students at the Woodview Learning Centre by providing technology, outings, and programming!

$20,000 will benefit the YAG (Young Adult Group) in Hamilton, the SMILE (social meetings, independent life experiences) group in Halton, and summer day trips for women on the autism spectrum who do not meet the criteria of the DSO.

Unity for Autism, your generous donation will make a profound impact on the children, youth, and adults with autism that we serve at Woodview.

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OAP Workshop Series

Posted by on Wednesday, December 20, 2017 ·  


Please click the flyer below for details on each workshop!


To Register for the Antecedents & Prevention Strategies: The “A” in ABC Workshop* on Tuesday, February 13th, please click here.

*Pre-Requisite: Behaviour Basics: The “B” in ABC

To Register for the Consequences: The “C” in ABC Workshop* on Wednesday, February 28th, please click here.

*Pre-Requisite: Behaviour Basics: The “B” in ABC


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Letter to Parents from Minister Coteau

Posted by on Thursday, December 14, 2017 ·  

Letter to Parents with Children and Youth with Autism from Minister Coteau


This letter was originally posted on the MCYS website. To view a French version of the letter, please click here.


Letter to families currently receiving $8,000 and $10,000 payments

Dear parents, families and caregivers in our autism community:

It’s my pleasure to connect with you as we prepare to close the calendar year.

Earlier this year, in June, I announced the new Ontario Autism Program (also known as the OAP). This new program is the result of the hard work and passion of many dedicated families, stakeholders, service providers, advocates, professionals and other experts. The changes introduced in June were focused on providing child, youth and family-centred services that offer families choice, confidence and consistency in the services they receive.

I am writing today to provide you with an update regarding one of these principles—choice. Back in May, I committed that a direct funding option would be available in the new program by the end of this year. I am pleased to say that we have met this commitment and a direct funding option for evidence-based behavioural services will be implemented as part of the OAP.

I would like to thank you for your patience as the ministry has worked to design this option. I want you to have confidence that the new OAP puts the needs of children, youth and families first.

Beginning in the new year, you will be welcomed into the OAP with the choice of either receiving funding to purchase evidence-based behavioural services for your child or youth, or receiving services offered through one of Ontario’s regional providers. I encourage you to work with your existing providers as well as your regional provider to ask questions and discuss next steps for your family. Regardless of which service option you choose, you can expect to be supported with the information you need so that you and your child experience a smooth entry to the OAP. To enable a smooth transition, families currently receiving $8,000 and $10,000 payments may continue accessing these payments until March 31, 2018.

If you have any questions or would like more information, I invite you to visit, and/or contact your regional provider.

I will continue to engage with families, caregivers, advocates, clinicians and providers to listen and hear about your experiences. I invite any of you who would like to share your feedback and hear the experiences of other families across Ontario to join my two upcoming tele-town halls.

The first session is on January 11, 2018, at 7 p.m. and the second will take place on January 17, 2018, at 7 p.m. Further details will be provided shortly.

Ontario is transforming the way that children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and their families, receive services and supports through the new OAP. I thank you for the invaluable guidance and, most importantly, advocacy for your children. You have contributed greatly to shaping a program that will ultimately help young people with ASD reach their full potential and succeed.


Michael Coteau

Chers parents, familles et fournisseurs de soins de notre communauté de l’autisme:

C’est un plaisir pour moi de m’adresser à vous pendant que nous nous préparons à terminer l’année civile.

Plus tôt cette année, au mois de juin, j’ai annoncé la venue du nouveau Programme ontarien des services en matière d’autisme (également appelé le POSA). Ce nouveau programme est le fruit du dur labeur et de la passion d’un nombre important de familles, d’intervenantes et intervenants, de fournisseurs de services, de défenseurs des droits, de professionnelles et professionnels et d’autres experts dévoués. Les changements apportés en juin visaient principalement à offrir des services axés sur les enfants, les jeunes et les familles qui procurent à ces dernières un choix, une uniformité ainsi qu’une confiance à l’égard des services qu’elles reçoivent.

Je vous écris aujourd’hui afin de faire le point avec vous sur l’un de ces principes : le choix. Je me suis engagé, au mois de mai, à ce qu’une option de financement direct soit offerte dans le cadre du Programme d’ici la fin de la présente année. Je suis heureux d’affirmer que nous avons respecté cet engagement et qu’une option de financement direct destiné à des services comportementaux fondés sur des données probantes sera intégrée au POSA.

J’aimerais vous remercier de votre patience pendant que le Ministère travaillait à la conception de cette option. Je peux vous assurer que le nouveau POSA accorde la
priorité aux besoins des enfants, des jeunes et des familles.

Au début de la prochaine année, vous serez accueillis dans le POSA en ayant le choix de recevoir un financement afin de vous procurer des services comportementaux fondés sur des données probantes pour votre enfant ou votre jeune ou de recevoir des services offerts par l’un des fournisseurs régionaux de l’Ontario. Je vous encourage à collaborer avec vos fournisseurs actuels, ainsi qu’avec votre fournisseur régional, afin de poser des questions et de discuter des prochaines étapes concernant votre famille. Peu importe l’option de service que vous choisirez, vous pouvez vous attendre à être accompagnés en recevant les renseignements qu’il vous faut afin que vous puissiez adhérer au POSA avec votre enfant en douceur. Afin de permettre une transition harmonieuse, les familles qui reçoivent actuellement des paiements de 8 000 $ et de 10 000 $ pourront continuer d’y avoir accès jusqu’au 31 mars 2018.

Si vous avez des questions ou si vous aimeriez avoir plus de renseignements, je vous invite à visiter le site et/ou à communiquer avec votre fournisseur régional du POSA.

Je continuerai de m’entretenir avec les familles, les fournisseurs de soins, les défenseurs des droits, les cliniciennes et cliniciens et les fournisseurs afin d’écouter et
d’entendre vos expériences. J’invite toutes les personnes qui aimeraient partager leurs impressions et entendre les expériences vécues par d’autres familles de l’Ontario à se joindre à moi à l’occasion de mes deux téléconférences publiques à venir.

La première séance se tiendra le 11 janvier 2018 à 19 h tandis que la deuxième aura lieu le 17 janvier 2018 à 19 h. D’autres détails seront communiqués sous peu.

L’Ontario transforme la façon dont les enfants et les jeunes qui sont atteints d’un trouble du spectre de l’autisme et leur famille reçoivent des services et des soutiens grâce au nouveau POSA. Je vous remercie de vos conseils inestimables et, surtout, de défendre les droits de vos enfants. Vous avez contribué de manière importante à façonner un programme qui, en bout de ligne, aidera les jeunes atteints d’un TSA à donner leur pleine mesure et à réussir.

Veuillez agréer l’expression de mes meilleurs sentiments.

Michael Coteau

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