Autism Services

Woodview continues to offer services through the new Ontario Autism Program.

On February 6, 2019 the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services announced changes to the Ontario Autism Program. Please click here to learn more about the new program on the MCCSS website.

Although the funding model has changed, Woodview will continue to offer quality autism services to children and their families. Services are provided by trained, qualified and caring professionals in centre, in the community and in family homes. Woodview has been providing autism services under the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) since 2007. We also have considerable experience with fee for service models including a private not for profit school for students with autism that has been in operation since 2001. We have had great success at Woodview in both our autism and mental health programs helping children and families to reach their potential and inspiring hope.


Centre-Based Services (Ages 0-12)

Centre-based services include a wide variety of goals and programming individualized for you and your child. Some examples of goals to be worked on in centre can include following instructions, following routines (such as classroom and home routines), independent and interactive play skills, pre-academic skills for school success, building vocabulary, communicating wants and needs, and building independent life skills. Goals are selected based on parent priority, and direct assessment of your child’s current skill repertoire. These goals will be worked on in a home-like centre setting, during 1:1 treatment time and small group sessions.

The centre has many different toys and other amenities, which are commonly found in homes, school and daycare settings to help promote generalization of skills taught across environments. Monthly observations with your Clinical Supervisor will help you as a parent better understand how to continue the learning of these goals into your home and into your child’s natural daily routines. Centre-based services are most successful when there is at least one community-based home session, where a staff from your child’s team can work directly with you as a parent/caregiver on how to continue your child’s learning using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) principles in your everyday life.

Service Options

  • Session Blocks run for 12 weeks.
  • October to December, January to March, April to June, and July to September.
  • Half days from 9am to 1pm or 12pm to 4pm or Full Day 9am-4pm.
  • All blocks include an initial assessment and follow-up check-ins.
  • Additional service hours are available for purchase.

6 hours per week: $4,320 includes 4 hours 1:1 as well as small group format plus 2 hours family skill development (offered in centre and home, or community) each week.

10 hours per week:$7,200 includes 8 hours 1:1 as well as small group format plus 2 hours family skill development (offered in centre and home, or community).

14 hours per week: $10,080 includes 14 hours 1:1 as well as small group format (2 full days).

21 hours per week: $15,120 includes 21 hours 1:1 as well as small group format (3 full days).


Family Skill Development Services (Ages 0-18)

Family Skill Development Services (ages 0-18) include sessions in your home or community, including settings such as a hair salon, grocery store, dentist’s office, doctor’s office, community centre, and more. Sessions in the community include Family Skill Development, which includes transferring information to caregivers and other important individuals for continued practice and development of skills taught, and for learning about ABA strategies. Participants in Family Skill Development will be involved for the entire session in the home or community, learning from the ABA Therapist and practising skills in the moment.

Goals in these settings are individualized for you and your child, based on caregiver goals and assessments. Some examples of goals include: staying safe in the community, using communication appropriately in the natural environment, eating a variety of foods, tolerating medical appointments, and using appropriate communication and strategies instead of challenging behaviours.

Service Options

  • Session Blocks run for 12 weeks.
  • October to December, January to March, April to June, and July to September.
  • All blocks include an initial assessment and follow-up check-ins.

2 hours per week in 12 week blocks: $1,800

4 hours per week in 12 week blocks: $3,600


LEAP Preschool (Ages 2.5-5)

graphic burst promoting 2 sponsored spacesLEAP preschool logo at Woodview

About LEAP Preschool

LEAP preschool is founded on the principles of the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) and Applied Behavioural Analysis principles (ABA). In the Early Start Denver Model, children with autism or suspected autism, follow a developmental curriculum. This means they learn specific skills at specific stages of development. Specially designed methods are used to teach the curriculum.

Our program aims to help children aged 2.5-5 with autism or suspected autism “leap” into successful first years of school by supporting them to develop pivotal areas such as communication, social skills, imitation and play skills.

LEAP preschool is run by trained Autism Therapists and overseen by Katie Michalek and Holly Adair-Simpson who are Board Certified Behaviour Analysts trained at the advanced level of the Early Start Denver Model and ABA.

LEAP Winter Session 2020

February 3, 2020 – June 19, 2020

How much does LEAP Preschool Cost

Session blocks run for 20 weeks (September to January and February to June). Parent consultation is included with this program. Parents can choose to register their child for one or more session blocks.

  • 5 months: $13,500 ($2,700 per month)
    15 hours per week, half days from 9 to 12 or 1 to 4, includes initial screening and observation.
  • 10 months: $27,000
    15 hours per week, half days from 9 to 12 or 1 to 4, includes initial screening and observation.

Sponsorship Available! Call by January 15th

We are starting this pilot program on February 3, 2020 and have two (2) sponsored spaces available! Call 905-689-4727 ext 117 before January 15th!

What are the hours of LEAP Preschool

LEAP Preschool operates Monday to Friday with a ratio of 2 staff to 5 children, from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Where is LEAP Preschool Located

We are located at 69 Flatt Road in Burlington in a lovely woodland setting.

How to Register for LEAP Preschool

To learn more about LEAP Preschool and how it may be a fit for your child, please contact Lauren Moulton (B.A.Sc.), Program Manager at 905-689-4727 ext. 117 or by email at

Is LEAP Preschool Open in the Summer

We offer a summer maintenance package during July-August that consists of 1 in-centre session at 4 hours, plus 1 family skill development session at 2 hours in home. Please contact us for details.


Extended Before and After Care

Woodview’s Centre Based Program begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. In order to support families, parents can drop their child off at 8:00 a.m. for a before care service and can pick up at their child up at 5:00 p.m. as an additional fee-for-service. The before and after care program time is an opportunity for children to play and relax in a variety of outdoor and indoor play experiences.

The Instructor Therapists at Woodview that provide therapy to your child are the same staff members that provide extended before and after care. The distinguishing difference between roles is that while your child attends extended before and after care, your child will be able to have free play without therapeutic expectation and demands. The staff members will not engage in Applied Behaviour Analysis techniques, programming activities, or collect data. During your child’s recreational time, staff will support your child in fun and engaging activities both inside and out of the building.

Cost: $25/hour.


We are located in Burlington just off the 403 at Waterdown Road in a lovely rural setting, very close to Hamilton. We also have a centre in Georgetown in Harrison School. As well, many of our autism services will be available to any child with autism regardless of where they live.

Contact Us

If you would like to speak to us about our services and how they may be a fit for your child and family, please call or email us. We would be pleased to provide you with any information that you need to assist you with making choices about services for your child.

Phone: 905-689-4727 ext. 117



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