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Our Beliefs:

-All children are capable of growth and mastery of new skills
-All children learn differently, therefore all teaching is individualized
-All forms of learning are interconnected and valuable
-Education is a holistic process involving learning in all areas of an individual’s life
-Education must teach problem solving skills and provide information, but within a context which is nurturing, respectful and inclusive
-Children learn from one another
-Children respond to challenges that are meaningful and achievable
-Children should have fun and learn to value themselves as part of the learning

Our Goals:

-To promote optimal acedemic, social and personal growth, according to an individualized curriculum and program.
-To promote a sense of personal competence and confidence
-To promote the development of realistic skills and abilities serving all areas of a student’s life
-To provide a caring and supportive learning environment that is interesting, challenging and fun
-To provide a realistic assessment and understanding of indiviual potential and to plan for future possibilities
-To maintain effective contact and involvement with community activities