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About WLC

Imagine a school…

…where the staff help each child / youth maximize his or her potential in a supportive environment and provides individualized learning strategies for children with ASD.

Woodview Learning Centre is such a place!

An alternative school placement of children / youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder, our interesting and effective curriculum offers a wide range of opportunities for learning these skills.Our school follows the 10-month Halton District School Board academic year including Professional Development days and Holidays.

Our highly trained team of professionals continually searches for the most effective teaching and learning methods for each of our students; particularly the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). The exemplary staff at Woodview Learning Centre is comprised of dedicated, caring and experienced individuals who believe that all children are capable of personal growth and mastery of new skills.

WLC provides “just right” supports that allow each student to feel as though they are understood and cared for. Our students come to Woodview Learning Centre excited to learn, to be with their friends and to have some fun along the way!

We’re proud to offer:

-Smaller group ratios
-Classes grouped according to learning profiles, interests and needs
-Smart board
-Access to individual laptops, iPads and iPods
-Optional afterschool care
-A full sized gym o facilitate the development of physical abilities and motor skills